Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This Crazy Life of Mine (spent catching up)

Life has been crazy busy this last week. Baby shower, basketball, birthday, church, baseball. Whew! For this week, another baby shower, more baseball (We’re singing “Go, Cubs, Go!”), and a birthday party for our little one, and planning a party for our middle one.

Today is Day 59 on our 90 Days with Jesus journey. I have been doing my reading daily, but haven’t always had the opportunity to get my posts completed. I told CrazyMum the other day that sometimes a post becomes a couple of hours ordeal (or longer). I do bits and pieces here and there. I do apologize that my posts haven’t been all that thought provoking. Lack of sleep, headaches, and sinuses are to blame. However, I am still processing so much of what I’ve been learning. I’ve been applying it to my life. I am hoping you are seeing a difference in me because I feel different. This journey has been amazing. I’m fortunate to be able to share what I’m learning through this blog and through my daily conversation with others.

I do have a special prayer request. An opportunity has been laid before us. We are praying REALLY hard for God’s guidance in this. It is a great opportunity, but not sure if it is where God wants us at this time. Just pray for Jeff and I to listen to what God has to say and seek His path. We aren’t moving to Egypt or anything, but this opportunity would be a major step/change for us.

Blessings to all of you on this RAINY Wednesday (at least in South Central KY). I’m looking forward to hearing my husband preach tonight. It is always such a blessing!


  1. I will be praying for God to lead and show the way

  2. Natasha, I think your posts are always great and very thought provoking! You have done much better than I would have with keeping the posts current. Thanks for all that you do! I will be praying for you and Jeff!!!


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