Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 57 filled not fixed

Satan is after all of us. Does that sound scary? It should.  He will stop at nothing to pull us further away from God. That is something we always need to remember.

When god helps me out of a pit, Satan is waiting to see what my plan of action is.

Let's say that I've just gotten myself into a huge mess by gossiping and God helps me make amends. I caused embarrassment to so many people. Now what do I do? Do I spend time in prayer and scripture? Do I avoid risky conversation? Or do I go back and just hope I don't get caught up in it again with a group of people known for hurting others?

We can all see what should be done, but sometimes we just fail to do the necessary thing. That is when Satan will ponce on us.  We have to learn from our mistakes.  If we don't make a lifestyle change, it makes things so much easier for the devil.  Putting Christ at the center of our lives is the first step in defeating evil. Surrendering to Jesus daily will keep Satan on the losing end.

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  1. It is so easy to get ourselves in a mess. Thank God, He is able to help us out of it. I sure need him for that often.


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