Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is the Last Week....

of soccer. I can't believe it.

It has a been a season of firsts. 

Colin scored his first goal this season.  He is one tough goalie as well!
 Carson scored his first goal too.  This year he really wanted to get out on the field and play.  His mean coach (me) would make him take a break to let other teammates get a chance to play.
  I have enjoyed watching my boys play. learn, and give it their all.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Genius, eh!

I found this new "meme" the other night and just have to join in.  Why? Because I have some DysFUNctional MOMents too!

Monday night, I curled up with Carter on the couch. He was fussy so I was hoping he would go on to sleep. Lately, we've been watching Sprout on On Demand and he has quickly drifted off to sleep.  So, I reached for the remote and turned the TV on. Everything popped up like normal, except for the cable.  I tried the menu button. Nothing. I tried changing the channels. Nothing. So I turned on the VCR  and started the Cedarmont Kids video (yes, we still have a VCR).  Carter was not interested at all. 

Maybe we had forgotten to pay our bill.

I used my cell phone to call our home phone to see if our service was disconnected. While doing this, I noticed Jeff was using the Internet and watching cable TV.  We still had service, and my husband confirmed the bill had been paid.


I went back to figure out what was going on. Maybe the cat messed something up. He is good at that.

As I am doing everything I had already done, I noticed the cable box power light was off.

Yes, the power was off. I decided to turn the cable box on.


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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'll Go

There is a song we sing at church.....

Wherever He leads I'll go, Wherever He leads I'll go,
I'll follow my Christ who loves me so, Wherever He leads I'll go

and lately I have been praying about where He is leading.

We are very unhappy in our neighborhood right now.  There are a lot of things going on that simply aren't being taken care of the way they should.  Colin gets too scared to sleep in his room sometimes.   I hate it. Children should never be scared in their own home.

I also know how my husband feels about activie duty.  Last week, he actually got a couple of phone calls about his eligibility.  We've talked about it, but that is as far as it goes.  Right now he is not eligible, but the questions from higher up keep coming. The possibilities are exciting.

So, I've been praying.

I am praying that God will take care of this "where" situation: Where are we to go?  Do we stay in our neighborhood and deal with it? Do we move to another neighborhood?  Do we go active duty if it becomes possible? 

Last Friday, we looked at house. The agents are very close friends from church and we were honest about our situation: we are not able to buy now, just looking and trying to figure out what God wants us to do. Two days later we were told a trade may be possible.  That possibility excites me. And the kids!

So, I am still praying.  I have no idea where He is leading.  Right now, our neighborhood is quiet. No drama, but still not home like it should be.  Army paperwork is still in the works to move from Chaplain Candidate to Chaplain.  God is leading us, but His plan has not yet been revealed.  We will pray, listen, and be open to what lies ahead. Wherever He leads, we will go....or stay.

Text Messaging from a 9 Year Old

Get Legos!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

And the winner is.....

Are you ready?

Congratulations, Ireland!!! You are the winner of: 

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Again, congratulations to Ireland!    

A Good Day

You know you've had a good day when at some point during the day, you look like this...

My Memories Suite Giveaway Closed

The My Memories Suite giveaway is now closed. There were only four comments so those four ladies are eligible for the prize: a free download of My Memories Suite. I will be doing a random number generator to choose the winner and will post later. Good luck ladies!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today begins a long weekend.  We had parent teacher conferences the last two days and are off on Monday.  Looking forward to a weekend with NO PLANS! 

If you haven't left a comment on the original giveaway post for your chance to win the digitial software, please do so by midnight tonight.  I am disappointed that only a few have.  It is EXCELLENT stuff!

I used the software to create a new blog header and add some embellishments to the sidebar.  After I downloaded the software, I went back to the website and downloaded some of the free kits.  Come on!  Don't you want to give it a try? 

To find out more about this giveaway, click HERE to read the original post.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!