Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'll Go

There is a song we sing at church.....

Wherever He leads I'll go, Wherever He leads I'll go,
I'll follow my Christ who loves me so, Wherever He leads I'll go

and lately I have been praying about where He is leading.

We are very unhappy in our neighborhood right now.  There are a lot of things going on that simply aren't being taken care of the way they should.  Colin gets too scared to sleep in his room sometimes.   I hate it. Children should never be scared in their own home.

I also know how my husband feels about activie duty.  Last week, he actually got a couple of phone calls about his eligibility.  We've talked about it, but that is as far as it goes.  Right now he is not eligible, but the questions from higher up keep coming. The possibilities are exciting.

So, I've been praying.

I am praying that God will take care of this "where" situation: Where are we to go?  Do we stay in our neighborhood and deal with it? Do we move to another neighborhood?  Do we go active duty if it becomes possible? 

Last Friday, we looked at house. The agents are very close friends from church and we were honest about our situation: we are not able to buy now, just looking and trying to figure out what God wants us to do. Two days later we were told a trade may be possible.  That possibility excites me. And the kids!

So, I am still praying.  I have no idea where He is leading.  Right now, our neighborhood is quiet. No drama, but still not home like it should be.  Army paperwork is still in the works to move from Chaplain Candidate to Chaplain.  God is leading us, but His plan has not yet been revealed.  We will pray, listen, and be open to what lies ahead. Wherever He leads, we will go....or stay.


  1. oh i am so sorry about the neighborhood situation. that has got to be scary especially for the kids. Do you live on base right now? Praying for your family & the direction God will lead you.

  2. I read this post and thought "That was us just a few years ago!" I'm sorry that you are in that hard spot. It's hard to wait and it's hard to be in a place that seems so contrary to your good and even to your safety! I hope that your experience is like ours and in a few years you look back at this time with joy at all of the amazing things God did in your life in this time and place.

  3. Because my husband is in the reserves, we are not on a post. We live on a dead end street in our hometown.

    Colin is a very tender hearted child. He takes note of things and analyzes things, more so than many adults. I try to let him know there is no reason to be afraid.

  4. Sometimes waiting for God's clear guidance and direction is the hardest place to be. Will join you in prayers for God's plan for your life to put all the pieces in the right places!..

  5. Sometimes, God puts us in places where we have to just wait. Wait for Him to make things right, prepare the way and just learn more of Him. Sometimes, He places us in situations in which we must just trust and pray for His guidance, just so we learn that we can trust and He will lead.
    I will be praying for you all. God is always faithful, always on time, and always has a perfect plan.


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