Friday, December 07, 2012

Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 7 - Jesus is the Reason for the Season

As a kid, I knew about Jesus.  I played Mary in our Christmas program at church.  I knew we celebrated Christmas because it was Jesus' birthday. 

As I have grown older though, the whole Christmas season just touches my heart more and more.  As a kid our mentality was, "Give me, give me, give me."  Now, I have the mentality of, "Give to, give to, give to."

I teach my children that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ.  That He was God's gift to us. God gave us the gift of Jesus because he loves us.  I tell them that we give gifts to others to show that we love them, but we could never give a gift that tops the gift of Jesus. 

I try to teach my children to give.  To love. To think of others. 

Recently, we took the children from church to shop for a child in foster care.  As I tucked Carson into bed that night, I told him I was proud of him for helping out and caring about others. Carson said he didn't help out because he didn't give his opinion about what to buy.  I told him that he did help out.....How he wanted to know. 

By the 3 gold dollar coins he put in the Salvation Army bucket. 

"Really, Mama? That helped somebody?" 

"Yes, Honey. That helped somebody." 

A mere 30 seconds later, I hear, "Wait guys. We need to wait for Colin."  I had to turn to see what my oldest was doing to hold up his group.

He was putting money in the red bucket.




So that our joy may be full. 

I was proud of my boys. They gave on their own accord. Nobody told them to. Nobody else in the group did.  They gave out of love (even if Carson didn't understand at first). 

Jesus gave of His own accord.  He had the power to change things. But He didn't. He came and gave out of love. 

Please join me and Wives of Faith by joining in the Christmas Blog Carnival. Today's topic is:  Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. Share about a time when you have witnessed this in a miraculous way.

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  1. I love those red buckets...and I love that your son wanted to give his coins! You are a wonderful Mama who is teaching her children just who Jesus really is. Merry Christmas!


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