Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 12 - Renewed Faith

During the Christmas season, people for the most part are more loving, caring, and giving.  It's like they get a glimpse of Jesus and share Him, even if it is just for a little while.

I think there is this whole innocence surrounding Christmas.  If we allow God to be seen through all the hustle and bustle, He will renew our hearts.  For me, as I've grown older and have leaned on God more and more, taking in the purity and joy of the season has renewed my faith.

I search for those glimpses of Jesus in others. I look for the good in them.  I am reminded that there is good in the world and that good is the love of God.

When I read the final chapter of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever yesterday to my students (they really wanted to buddy read, but it is my favorite chapter so I just had to read it), I had chills run through me. I was reminded that the picture of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus isn't the pretty picture we see on Christmas cards, but like the narrator of the book said, they were refugees, stuck in place by people who didn't really care much what happened to them.  They were dirty. They were tired. They were real.

And Jesus.

Jesus was born and lived....a real person.  He didn't come down to earth like something out of Marvel Comics. He was us. He lived on this us.  It was all for us.  The greatest gift.... was sent for us.

My faith is renewed during this time of year because there are those reminders of who Jesus is and what He means, whether its found in a Christmas movie or song, in a book about some wild kids who learn about Jesus through a Christmas pageant, or through the writings on blogs of women sharing their hearts.

As the Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival wraps up today, I invite you to join in, military spouse or not, follower of Jesus or not, and share.  Share about how your faith is renewed during this time of year. Share about your memories of the season.  If you don't know Jesus, my Christmas wish for you would be that you would meet Him.  What a great gift for you this Christmas, to decide to live your life for Him.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you, Wives of Faith, for hosting your annual blog carnival. I have been blessed these past few days by taking part in it!

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