Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 5 - Funniest Moment

Today at Wives of Faith, we were asked to share a funny Christmas moment.  Oh, the list could go on. So, I chose two.

Several years ago, our family began participating in a Dirty Santa gift exchange.  Never heard of it?  All wrapped gifts are placed in the middle of the floor and names are drawn to see who gets to choose a gift.  When it is your turn, you may choose to open a gift or take one away from someone else. 

This particular Christmas, a rubber chicken that squawks was placed in a box opened by my brother's girlfriend.  It scared her to death. 

Well, my dad took the chicken and placed it in a gift for my grandfather.  When he opened his gift, it scared him too. He also had a few choice words for my dad!

Another funny moment happened the year we were surprising our parents with their gifts, news of their first grandchild.  Jeff bought his parents their first cell phone.  They were shocked to get such a gift.  Jeff told them, "We thought you might need one so we could call you when it is time to go to the hospital."

His mom and dad wanted to know why they would need to go to the hospital and we told them to see their grandbaby.  Jeff's mom was so excited.  His dad said so casually, "I knew she was pregnant."  No surprising him!

Like to hear some other funny moments?  Head on over to Wives of Faith to join in the blog carnival. If you are a military spouse, feel free to join in.  There are some great prizes being given away.


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  2. I think I would've screamed when I saw and heard that chicken too, lol! I can imagine the shock your Grandfather must have felt too. I think the story about the cell phone and announcing the new baby on the way is super sweet!!


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