Thursday, December 06, 2012

Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 6 - Favorite Christmas Military Moment

My grandfather was an amazing man.  Regardless of the mistakes he made in his life, I loved him deeply.  I had a bond with him unlike any other bond I've had with anyone else.  We were connected in a special way.  I was his baby girl.  Carson is actually named after him.  My grandfather was born on Christmas Day in 1925.  When he passed away, it broke my heart. I found comfort in knowing that, at 80 years old, he had received Jesus as his Savior before passing away.

We wanted to find a way to honor him and at the same time, give my dad a special Christmas gift.  So Jeff decided to make Daddy a shadow box honoring my grandfather. Jeff researched Pa Tootsie's service in the Navy.  He had purchased duplicate medals my grandfather recieved for his service.  The shadow box contained the medals, pins, and a photo of my grandfather.  We gave it to my dad on Christmas Day, Pa's birthday. 

It was a very special, tender moment.  My husband blessing my dad by honoring my grandfather, the three men I love the most connecting through the love of my grandfather.

I am sure there are some amazing memories of other military spouses. Go along with me to Wives of Faith to find out who has joined in today's Christmas Blog Carnival. There are also some really cool prizes for each day's topic. 


  1. Great post Natasha! That made me tear up. I can imagine the moment your family had.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I think this is the most beautiful gift and what a treasure your Dad has in that gift and in y'all! What a tender and sweet post. You have a great family!


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