Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Little Children

This morning, I made this to showcase my kindergarten Sunday school  class:

Later, I checked my daily scripture on my cell phone, and it was Matthew 19:14. 

Coincidence? I think not.

Jesus loves children. We read about that in scripture and sing about it as well.

Children are precious blessings.

As a mom, God has given me an amazing responsibility.  I want to raise my boys to be God fearing men. Christian men of honor who glorify their Father in all they do. 

My worst fear???

That I will mess up.

I fear that I will do something that will impact them to the point that they either turn from Him or resent me. 

It is hard.

Sometimes I am too hard on my kids. I forget how little they are. When you are with them everyday, you see the potential they have and want them to reach that potential. Then when the do something that goes against everything you've taught them, you just can't believe it.  I know, my kids are 9, 5 and almost 2, what could they possibly do?  Its the little things, disobedience, smart mouthing, laziness, just not caring about things or not taking pride in certain things. I know that as a parent, I have to pick my battles. Sometimes I realize that too late when an unnecessary battle slaps me in the face showing me I was the one who was at fault, not my kids. 

I want my kids to be proud of me, to say that they know I've done my best job. I want them to know that everything I did whether it was the right thing or a mistake, that I did it with love and only the best intentions. I want them to know that I pray for them and want them to be the men God has planned for them.

I think God was trying to remind me that I have to let my kids be little. I have to be more patient and understanding. I have to remember that I am a child too; His child.  I mess up and He loves me and punishes me.  He wants what is best for me. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ladies Bible Study Wanted

I am wanting to have another Bible study at the beginning of the year. I saw these at Lifeway the other day:

I thought this would be good since I did the 90 Days with Jesus devotional last year.
 I liked this because I AM FRAZZLED.
 And I thought this was kinda cool.  I thought it was a joke at first but then looked through the book and it made a lot of sense.
Just wondering what you think.  Have you done any of these? If I did another online study, would you join in?

More about neighbors

So, I guess my last post wasn't really nice. Probably not a very Christian comment.  For that I apologize.

We haven't met our new neighbors yet. By the looks of the Fisher Price picnic table, there are some kids. Hopefully some that our boys can play with. 

So why the previous post?

I guess it is still a bit frustrating to work all day and see your neighbors taking it easy in their lawn chairs, not lifting a finger.  I know I shouldn't worry about them. I don't worry about them exactly, just what really goes on over there. The cars in and out all night. The "obvious" business deals that seem to go on in the drive. Just the fact that I still feel like the neighborhood isn't as safe as I'd like it to be for my kids.

When I was Colin's age, we ran all over our neigbhorhood. We would stay out after dark. Play hide and go seek. Ride bikes. Trek back to the woods. It was a perfect dead end street. Lots of kids to play with.  It was fun.  I want that for my kids.  To play outdoors without worrying about what is going on next door or across the street. To be able to ride bikes without speeding cars running them over.  To not witness business deals in driveways. 

So until that happens, I will continue to pray for my neighborhood, for my family to be kept safe, and for God to intervene in the lives of those who live against His will.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Welcome to the neighborhood?

As I type there are people moving in to the empty house diagonally across the street. When we came home today from Super Saturday, Colin said, "I hope they are better than the neighbors across the street!"

Me too, Colin. Me too.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We're Dreaming

Of another White Christmas!

This cold weather is getting me in the mood for some snow!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Review: Awakening: A New Approach to Faith, Fasting, and Spiritual Freedom

An awakening.  I think it is something we all desire, but it is just taking that first step to get there.  In his book Awakening: A New Approach to Faith, Fasting, and Spiritual Freedom, Stovall Weems, points in the direction of what it means to live a life for Christ with the excitement we all want.  He outlines the path to successful prayer and New Testament fasting by aligning our hearts with the will of God. Much of the information is what we already know, yet fail to do. Weems uses some analogies and speaks simply to get his ideas across.

This is a great book for believers who have questions about fasting and those who desire to strengthen their relationship with God.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. I was not required to write a positive review, only my honest opinion of the book.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Class Quiz

True or False.

1. On Monday morning, teacher looks for stack of papers she had on Friday. She can't find them. She reprints 25 pages from computer. Teacher finds original stack of papers on Thursday.

2. A student who recieved a homework assignment did not complete it.

3. Same student from question #2, asked if he really had to complete the assignment on day 3 of not having it done.

4. Same student from question #2 rolled his eyes at his teacher on day 4 when she told him he did not have a choice, the work would be done.

5. Student from question #2 completed work assigned on Monday on Friday at 9:30 am.

6. Male student yells, "That's just wrong!" as teacher explained that reading logs would be completed each night.

7. Teacher chats with student in hallway about fashion and mentions she will wear her furry boots and skinny jeans on Friday. Little boy gives teacher a look that says, "You can't fit into skinny jeans!"

8.  Teacher is brought lunch by her husband. He hangs out with her class during recess. Teacher and husband hug, kiss on cheek, and say I love you. Husband leaves. Student asks matter of factly, "Who was that?"

9. Teacher was very thankful for 3:20 pm to arrive on Friday afternoon.

If you answered True to all of the questions, you get a gold star for making a 100%!

A Proud Mama Brags About Her Child (don't read if you don't want to hear how fabulous he is)

My oldest....

 He makes a mama proud. 

Colin amazes me in all he does.

Already this school year, he has made the Robotics Team.  He also tried out and made the Simpson/Lincoln Academic Team. From the picture above, you can see he also made Honor Roll for the first quarter of the school year. His only math...his best subject...the subject that got him on the Robotics Team!  Go figure.

Colin is also in his third week of Super Saturdays at WKU.  That is an amazing opportunity for him. This session, he is learning the basics of building structures.  The bridge he and his partner built last week was so cool.

Soon Colin will be playing Upward basketball. 

That oldest child of mine....

I love him.
I cherish him.
I am so very proud of him.

He loves me even when I mess up.
He is forgiving.
He is caring.
He is compassionate.
He is a gift, a blessing.

I love watcing him play with his brothers.
I love watching him help his daddy.
I love watching him grow.

I love him.
Yes, my oldest child, I love you to the moon and back!

Another Step Forward

As we are on the hurry up and wait journey into the chaplaincy, we have reached another step.  Last night, Jeff was voted in as our church's Associate Pastor.  What a proud moment for our family!  Many of his duties for this position are duties Jeff already does. However, he must have 2 years of pastor experience. We will both use this time to minister to others in our church and community, to grow in the Lord becoming what He has intended for us.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cardboard Testimonies

A year ago this weekend, our church had a "cardboard testimony" service.  It was probably one of the most powerful services we've ever had.  I would like to share the video with you again. Remember to mute the playlist at the bottom of the page to hear the video.

Josh Hamilton was not a loser

I know the World Series is old news, but I wanted to let you know that it is still on my mind. My household was rooting for the Rangers. We just knew they had the championship in game six! But they blew it.

Regardless of the outcome of the series, Josh Hamilton was not a loser. You see, his victory (and mine) comes from Jesus Christ. If you don't know his story, his amazing testimony, I suggest you read his book Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength to Come Back.

So many times in our lives we are caught up in winning and losing, being on top, that we lose sight of what is really important and that is our salvation. Without salvation, the gift from our Father, nothing else matters.

So, can you say that you are a winner because you have victory in Jesus?