Monday, November 21, 2011

More about neighbors

So, I guess my last post wasn't really nice. Probably not a very Christian comment.  For that I apologize.

We haven't met our new neighbors yet. By the looks of the Fisher Price picnic table, there are some kids. Hopefully some that our boys can play with. 

So why the previous post?

I guess it is still a bit frustrating to work all day and see your neighbors taking it easy in their lawn chairs, not lifting a finger.  I know I shouldn't worry about them. I don't worry about them exactly, just what really goes on over there. The cars in and out all night. The "obvious" business deals that seem to go on in the drive. Just the fact that I still feel like the neighborhood isn't as safe as I'd like it to be for my kids.

When I was Colin's age, we ran all over our neigbhorhood. We would stay out after dark. Play hide and go seek. Ride bikes. Trek back to the woods. It was a perfect dead end street. Lots of kids to play with.  It was fun.  I want that for my kids.  To play outdoors without worrying about what is going on next door or across the street. To be able to ride bikes without speeding cars running them over.  To not witness business deals in driveways. 

So until that happens, I will continue to pray for my neighborhood, for my family to be kept safe, and for God to intervene in the lives of those who live against His will.

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