Friday, November 11, 2011

Class Quiz

True or False.

1. On Monday morning, teacher looks for stack of papers she had on Friday. She can't find them. She reprints 25 pages from computer. Teacher finds original stack of papers on Thursday.

2. A student who recieved a homework assignment did not complete it.

3. Same student from question #2, asked if he really had to complete the assignment on day 3 of not having it done.

4. Same student from question #2 rolled his eyes at his teacher on day 4 when she told him he did not have a choice, the work would be done.

5. Student from question #2 completed work assigned on Monday on Friday at 9:30 am.

6. Male student yells, "That's just wrong!" as teacher explained that reading logs would be completed each night.

7. Teacher chats with student in hallway about fashion and mentions she will wear her furry boots and skinny jeans on Friday. Little boy gives teacher a look that says, "You can't fit into skinny jeans!"

8.  Teacher is brought lunch by her husband. He hangs out with her class during recess. Teacher and husband hug, kiss on cheek, and say I love you. Husband leaves. Student asks matter of factly, "Who was that?"

9. Teacher was very thankful for 3:20 pm to arrive on Friday afternoon.

If you answered True to all of the questions, you get a gold star for making a 100%!

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