Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 81 - a Serious Case of Denial

As I read today's scripture, I felt so bad for Peter. Remember he was the one that told Jesus he would go with him "to prison and to death," (Luke 22:33). Now he has totally denied his Lord.

Haven't we all done that?

Of course we have denied knowing those crazy relatives of ours or old aquaintances. We jokingly talk about those instances.

But denying is hard to admit that we've done that because it sounds My stomach turns just saying those two words: denying Christ.

Now, you may be thinking that you never told anyone that you weren't really a Christian or that he never really did anything for you or that you worshipped him on Sunday, but there are so many ways that we deny him in our plain old every day life.

Did you skip church Sunday to sleep in?

Did you stay home to watch Kentucky play instead of attend revival?

Did you engage in conversation that you know wasn't pleasing to him?

Did you listen as coworkers talked about someone, yet never spoke an encouraging word?

I think in all of these things we are denying Christ. We are denying him to be the center of our lives. We are putting other things first. We are acting in the flesh instead of being led by the Spirit. Maybe these things don't seem as bad as what Peter did, but if we continue to partake in things we see as petty, they soon consume us and lead us astray.

We realize(hopefully) what we've done and we weep.

The good news is that Jesus forgives us. He knows how wretched we are before we even realize what we've done. He loves us anyway. He can and will restore us if we ask him to.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 80 - Please, Father

We ache when our children ache.

My Carson has been experiencing leg pain for the last couple of months. We've kept an eye on him and became very cautious. When he would be in pain, we would comfort him the best we could. The last straw was one night last week he was all stooped down walking. He said it made him feel better. The next day he saw the pediatrician, had x-rays and blood work. All tests came back HEALTHY.


The fact that he hurt bothered me. Just like the times I held him as he had his breathing spells. Each time, I felt helpless. I knew I was limited in my own power. However, God can do anything.

He could have chosen to make the test results come back NOT GOOD. Just like he could have taken the cup of suffering from Jesus. I am thankful that Carson is healthy and I am thankful that Jesus died for my sins.

In everything, God has a plan. In his plan we are going to have trials. Regardless of what the season places us in, we must have faith in him and be accepting of his will. As a mother, I'll admit that it was hard to pray for Carson to be healthy and at the same time pray for acceptance of God's will.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 79 - Salvation's Song

I love to sing. I'm just not any good. My favorite songs are full of emotion. There is nothing like singing out to God, lip quivering, tears falling, expressing thanksgiving for all he has done.

Seven years ago, a lost soul was saved. My heart cried out to God. He  wrapped his loving arms around me. He forgave me of my wretchedness. He guides me daily.  Owe what I owe him!

When people do something nice, we are thankful and feel the need to repay the act of kindness. We don't want their deed to go unnoticed. It might hurt their feelings.

Think about what all God has done for you. 

I look at my own life. I never thought I would be as blessed as I am today.  I am healthy, I have a home, a job, a precious family. So many other blessings as well, but most importantly.....

God saved my soul from eternal Hell.  

How do you repay that?

You can't. I can't.

We must simply devote our lives to Jesus Christ, just as in Psalm 116.  Our lives must be full of service to him.  Our lives should be a living testimony to what God has done for us. There is no better way to live.

The Lord offered me the cup of salvation. 

I accepted it.

I owe him my life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 78 - Sifting Wheat

Trials and suffering are all a part of life. We all go through things we would rather not. Things happen that we thought we would never experience. I think for a moment the times we say, "I will never...."

Never say never.

When a friend of mine and her husband were building their house, I asked if it was going to be brick or have siding. My friend said, "Brick. He said he would never live in a plastic house." guess what. They now live in a plastic house.

Another friend said she would never own a van. Now? She drives her 3 kids around in her minivan.

Never say never.

We should say "When I....."

From what I have learned, I can say, "Lord, when I....., will you please....."

When I.......

He will.....


I thank you Lord that when I, not if I, but when I fall, mess up, deny you, hurt you, whatever I am going to do that is not in your will, that you will still love me. You will help me. You will have mercy on me. I am so glad Lord that you know me better than Satan knows me.

Almost 5

Sunday we celebrated Carson's 5th birthday with family and friends.  We celebrated early because we thought Jeff was going to have to go to Japan for work.  Thankfully, that trip was called off.  Enjoy the pictures.

Carson asked for a Tom and Jerry party this year. 

 The only toy Carson really wanted was an Angry Bird. He really liked it.
 Carter liked it too.
 And so did Colin.

 Carson totally cracked us up doing this...Army crawling is the closest thing it comes too. Luckily, his friend Griff knew what to do!

Day77 -Still teaching, still learning

As a teacher, I often get frustrated when my students just don't get it.  I have said it 100 times & I have showed them how just as many.  Still they don't get it. Sometimes, I forget they are children. Their minds little, unable to comprehend. Sometimes I forget their circumstances. For so many kids, their priority is basic survival. School is not a priority.

Aren't we sometimes like this?

Does God sometimes feel like throwing his hands in the air and say, "What do you not get? It isn't that hard!"

I think sometimes maybe he does.

Maybe those are the times we look back and reflect, "What was I thinking?"

Maybe God sometimes asks, "what are you thinking?" 

I am so thankful that He is patient and doesn't give up on me. I can be a real dork sometimes. As humans, we lose our patience and want to give up on others when they don't get it.  God doesn't do that. He keeps after us. He remembers we have little minds and we sometimes can't, or possibly don't want to comprehend what he is trying to teach us. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 76 - The Last Supper

I remember taking part in my first Lord's Supper. It was very emotional. I was a new Christian so the meaning was so very real for me.

Later, I would have to sit with my children and explain what it was about and why they couldn't partake in the ritual. I remember Colin sitting with JD our former youth minister and he was explaining the symbolism to him. Now Colin is able to observe the Lord's Supper with us and Carson is the one with the questions.

I simply can not imagine what Christ was feeling this night. To know that the activity is taking part in was symbolic of his death. Usually, when something dreaded is about to happen, we try to shy away from it or go into denial. Yet Jesus didn't. He willing took his cup.

I think that if God is giving us a cup of suffering, we usually accept it with a feeling of dread. That is not a sin unless we don't admit our feelings to God and then become bitter and disobedient.

Christ is the ultimate example.

When we are burdened, when we are dreading what lays before us, we must place our TRUST in him and have FAITH for he has over come the world for us.

Day 75 - Preparing the Lamb

Lately, I've come to realize that God is always preparing us for somthing.  He hands us a cup and expects obedience.  Sometimes it is easy to obey. Other times it is difficult. 

When preparing for events at our home, we have to clean the house....really clean.  Because of our busy lifestyles, the mail and old school work pile up on the counter and table.  Then I hurriedly clean out the diaper bag of dirty clothes and those pile up as well.  Then there is the toys scattered throughout EVERY room of the house.  And last we have LAUNDRY. I absolutely positively highly dislike putting away socks.  Oh, the matching and "folding" of socks.  YUCK!  I'd rather change a poopy diaper.  But I know if I don't get all of the chores caught up, then the event won't turn out as it should.

You see, God has this final event planned.  We can't comprehend what it is.  But he knows.  Each day he is preparing us for that event.  Sometimes we happily go along with his plans and sometimes we may do it kicking and screaming like when we have to "do the socks." 

There is something I feel like he has called me today right now.  I'm uncomfortable with it because the person I am dealing with is sometimes intimidating.  She is too smart for her own good sometimes.  She doesn't believe what I believe.  Yet, I think God is wanting me to witness to her.  Some days it is like I'm "doing socks" because my words and actions aren't matching up with what I feel they should be.

I feel like God is preparing me for some other things as well.  So as I try my best to obey, I have to have FAITH in his plan and his promises. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

No One is Available to Take Your Call

This is why I don't like for my children to give out our phone number. I probably should have answered the phone....AGAIN....but then I wouldn't have this video to share. Mute the playlist before playing the video.

Day 74 - Judas

I am always amazed at people who don't believe in Satan. That is such a scary thought. Satan is real. We can not make him small, but we cannot make him out to be bigger than Jesus either.


Ah, Judas.

We can look at him and his actions and probably decided we don't like him because he betrayed our Jesus.

Satan knew what was(n't) in his heart. He used that for his own good.

We have an awesome lesson to learn here. If Satan could "get" Judas, one of the twelve," he can just as easily get one of us. All he has to do his attack at our weaknesses. He can do that so easily if we are not guarded by The Word. Maybe today we should all take a step back, examine ourselves, and strengthen our defenses by placing Jesus at the center of our lives and placing ourselves at the center of His will.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Spotlight

I was surprised to find out that my blog is featured at Wives of Faith this month.  How exciting!  I appreciate them supporting me and featuring my blog. I hope that those who visit are blessed and encouraged.  If you are a visitor from Wives of Faith, please leave me a comment. I look forward to hearing from you.

Day 73 - The Beginning of the End

There are so many events we anticipate throughout our lives.  Many of them with joy and excitement: 16th birthday, graduation, wedding, birth of children.  With these milestones, comes a mix of emotions from excitement to nervousness.

In today's reading, we have Jesus' entry into Jeruselum. 

Yes. It was the beginning of the end.

If we had been in his situation, about to do and have done what Jesus experienced, would we have went? Would we have taken a detour? Would we have gone kicking and screaming? Would we have rode in on that donkey saying, "Ok, let's get this over with?" 

It always amazes me to look at Jesus and know that HE KNEW what was in store for him. HE KNEW God's will without a shadow of a doubt. HE KNEW and HE OBEYED.

Would we? 

If we knew what God had planned for our lives, would we obey or would we try to change things?

Consider the ups and downs of life, your life.

I immediately think of Jennifer McKinney and Angie Smith. They have experienced heartache and anguish over their children.  I think of my sweet friend Glenda and coworker and former teacher Sandy and what they experienced with their adult sons.  I think of the ones who have hurt and cried and have just kept on.  Would they do it all over again if they knew the end result? 

In our sermon on Sunday, our preacher said, "Your cup of suffering can make you bitter or it can make you better." Oh, how true that is.

I don't understand God's ways. I do truly believe that he has a plan.  My responsibility as a Christian is to trust his plan. To put my faith in him.  Cups of suffering are meant for us to grow, to become stronger Christians, to know him and love him more.

I pray that whatever God places in my cup, that I will accept it with grace and thanksgiving.  That it would never change my love for him. That it would make me better, not bitter.  Jesus suffered for us. We shouldn't find it hard to believe that we too will experience suffering.  Through whatver God places before us, Jesus is the ultimate example of how to handle it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tonight, I am emotionally spent.  It has been one of those days.

As I made my way to work this morning, I noticed a side street was blocked off and their were emergency vehicles down the road.  It looked like they were at the home of one of my students.  I immediately started asking questions when I got to school. I soon found out that it was not the home of my student, but the home of an old family friend.  Her 16 year old grandson was killed in a house fire.  My heart sank.  This family has been through so much.  Patrick had lost both his mother and father within the last few years.  Now, his 3 other brothers lost him.  I'm sick now thinking about it. 

I don't understand why this happened.  I don't understand how one family can go through so much.  I am not questioning God's will, I am simply wanting some understanding.

Later, I get the news that another friend, a fellow church member/former coworker, lost her son this morning as well. Brian was 25 years old. Another precious child taken from his family.  And again, I don't understand.

As I pray for these families, for the friends of these young men, I send up praise for my family. For the fact that we are safe. We are healthy. I thank God for the blessings in my life. When I picked up my children today, I wrapped my arms around them. Held them. Kissed them. Cherished the moment.  God's ways are not my ways.  Our children are on loan.  They ultimately belong to him.  We must love them, care for them, teach them of this amazing God.  We must cherish them, defend them, guide them.  God can take them back at any moment.  We must make each moment we have with them count.

So, please do these things for me....

Pray for the Odom and McCreary families. Their lives were forever changed today.

Hug your children. Kiss them. Tell them and show them that you love them.

Make sure you and those you love know God. Not just know about him, but really know him. We are not promised tomorrow.  We need to make sure we know where our eternity will be spent.


Day 72 - Things to Watch For

Oh, dear Jesus!  Are you coming soon? 

That would be my question for him.  Why would I even wonder if his return is near?  Have you turned on the news lately? 

Our world is a mess.  Sin runs amuck.  Satan is at work.  People have pushed God away.  I think he is trying to get our attention.

Devastation is everywhere.  We see it everyday with natural disasters and unspeakable crimes.  Just tonight, several counties aways, a couple was found murdered. An AMBER alert went out for their child and another juvenile.  Although details haven't been released, we can assume those juveniles were involved somehow.  The world is a scary place.  The signs are there that Jesus is coming soon and we desperately need Him. 

I am so glad I know Him.  What a blessing to know that my eternal home is with him regardless of what happens today or tomorrow.  Thank you, Lord for that assurance.

Day 71- unmistakeable

Being a child of God is so exciting. We are blessed in so many ways. One of those blessings is anticipating Christ's return.

Here in Luke 21, we see what events will lead up to His return. After reading, I have to look around to see if Jesus is peeking around the corner. So many things scripture tells us will happen prior to the Second Coming are in full effect. Our world is a mess. Evil is running amuck. God is speaking to us. Are we listening?

Beth Moore asked if we have any questions about the return of Christ. I would hope we do. I know I do. Although I have questions, my faith needs no answers.

When my Jesus returns it will be unmistakable. It will be awesome. If he were to come today...I am so glad I am his.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Days 69 & 70

I willingly decided to combine the two days reflection. Although I read them on the days I was supposed to, I opted to have some family time instead of blogging time. We enjoyed the sunshine this beautiful weekend.

Looking back on these, I can see how we can be like the rich young ruler. God asks us to do something, but we don't because we are not willing to give up something....our time, our money, our comforts. When we don't obey because of our selfishness, we miss out on his blessing.

Yet when we respond as Zacchaeus, God is well pleased. We must forgo our pride, our comforts, our way. When we do, we are truly blessed.

I am so thankful that Jesus chooses to "be a guest with a (wo)man who is a sinner." Luke 19:7

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome to Smashville

Tuesday evening we went to the Nashville Predators hockey game.  We had a great time.  The games are really exciting. Colin loves the You Suck chant although he dares not chime in!  Carson kept asking me who the guy chasing the players was.  Took me an hour to figure out he was talking about the referee.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day68 - money troubles

Have you ever stopped to think how much of your time is consumed by money? Money is a necessary evil so to speak. We have to have it, but it causes so many problems. If you don't have enough of it, you can't pay your bills. If you have too much of it, it can cause greed. Not knowing how to handle money can ruin our lives. We can go into debt to the point of property repossession. We can get greedy with our money that we save it all up and it goes to waste. We can make it our god so very easily.

I think this story today can extend past money. Other things can be our gods: fishing, golf, video games, Internet, pornography, drugs, food, rest. Whatever we put before the One and Only because our false idol.

In order to be a follower of Jesus, we must give up the things of this world and devote ourselves FULLY to Him.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 67 - Too Good for Your Own Good?

At school, our students have behavior sheets.  On the first day of school, we go over the sheet to let the students know that if they do the things on that sheet, then they will get a mark.  A mark is not good.  At the end of the week, students get a conduct grade based on their behavior.  This week, I have marked sheets for sleeping in class, disrupting class, talking while the teacher was talking, and stealing.  My own personal child got a mark on his sheet today. He was talking while the teacher was talking.  Regardless of what is marked on the behavior sheet, I still love my students (and my own child). 

I am so glad that God doesn't grade us on a behavior sheet.

You know, I think I am pretty good person.  I try to obey God the very best that I can.  I try to keep His commandments. 

I think back to the questions that Beth Moore asked with this scripture/lesson.  I had to laugh because as "the certain ruler" said he had kept those commandments from his youth, he seemed to be saying he was pretty much perfect.  Oh, if that were only true.  I have to admit that I have not kept those commandments from my youth.  The best one, probably the one that I talk to my own children and students about is Honor thy father and thy mother. Can you say smart mouth and roll your eyes? 

The fact of the matter is that we are not perfect, no matter how hard we try to be.  I stress this to my students who just break down in tears when they get a behavior sheet mark.  I tell them, "It is just one mark, you made a mistake.  We learn from our mistakes and move on."  As Christians, we do that as well.  Make a mistake and learn from it. 

Beth Moore did talk about being different, something we have discussed often within this study.  Christians are to be different, not better. We are to stand out.  She wanted to know how do with do this without being consumed by sinful pride.  I think we just have to always remember that we are not perfect, just forgiven.  We must continually humble ourselves, admit our faults and failures, and let God have his way in our lives.  We we keep Him in the center of our lives, we will be focused on obeying and serving him.

I want to be a good person. I try to be a good person. Most importantly, I aim to be the Christian woman God has planned for me. That will bring him honor and glory.

Day 66 Return to Glory

Return to glory....

oh, how wonderful it would be to say that I never left.  Unfortunately though, I don't always obey.  For whatever reason, there are times that I bring shame to my Father.  There I am, like the lepers, standing afar, hiding myself, yet shouting, "Unclean!"  What an awful feeling!


The grace of God can restore me.  Through my faith in Jesus Christ, I can be made whole.

I have already received the ultimate gift of grace, salvation.  I know whom I believe. I know whom I serve. I know where I'll spend eternity.

The human part of me is like a slip and slide. As I try to make my way toward the goal, to be the Christain woman God has planned, I slip and slide along the way. Sometimes my steps are steady and strong. Other times, I can't get my bearings and I fall.  Luckily, I don't have to try to get up on my own.  Like the lepers, I can lift up my voice and cry, "Jesus, Master, have mercy on me!"  And He will.  How cool is that?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are You Prepared.

At lunch today Monday (this is one of those 3 day posts CrazyMum), we were discussing the events going on in Japan. I am so saddened by the devastation. Because of my husband's job, we know some Japanese people. Although they live in Japan, they are away from the destruction. Jeffrey is supposed to be traveling to Nagoya in the coming weeks. I am so not wanting him to go.

Anyway. Back to our lunch conversation....

We were talking about being prepared for an earthquake here. Yes, here in south central Kentucky. We had a small one a few years back. I remember waking to the sound of rumbling. I was in the bed with the boys (they weren't feeling well), and Jeff was on the couch (no he wasn't in trouble).  I thought it was thundering until it kept on and I realized the house was shaking. I remember thinking how cool it was. Weird right?  Anyway, we practically live on a fault line. Our area has small tremors every once in a while.

Ok, back to being prepared....

Honestly, as far as being prepared for an earthquake here, we really aren't.  We do earthquake drills at school along with other emergency drills. I've talked with my own children about what to do if we have one (don't lay in bed thinking it is cool like mama).  But really, what can we be prepared for?

I took lamaze classes with all of my pregnancies to prepare for birth.  However, each experience was different and things happened that I wasn't prepared for.  I pushed for 3 hours with Colin and they almost had to use alternate methods to get him out. Carson was rushed outof the room because of his lungs, plus my own oxygen level was low (didn't know that until I was in labor with Carter). Carter came FAST. 

When I got married, I planned for months to have a perfect wedding.  We made changes to decorating the night before. It was actually a warmer day, and I had to turn on the air in the church so I wouldn't pass out.

I prepare for each school year. But I never know how it is going to go until I actually get to working with the children.

I am preparing for my future by saving extra retirement money.

With any of these circumstances, anything can happen to change things. 

The only thing we can prepare for is our eternal destination.  So that is when I said during our conversation at lunch, "I'm glad I know Jesus."

You see, because I know Jesus, I know where I will spend eternity.  Do I want to die? No, but I don't have to fear death. I don't have to fear earthquakes, tornados, cancer, or a heart attack.  I don't want those to happen, but I don't have to fear. I know Jesus. I know where I stand with Him. I know He will take me to my heavenly home when it is time.  I am prepared for eternity because of my relationship with him.

Can you say that?

Can you say that if you died today, right this very minute as you are reading these words, that without a shadow of a doubt, you would spend eternity in heaven?

If you can't, PLEASE do something about it.  Please, I beg you. 

We are NOT promised tomorrow.

We are promised an eternity with our King if we know him.

Do you know Him?

Prepare today if you don't.

Day 65 -The Fine Art of Forgiveness

Forgiveness, or the lack of, can do so many things.

When Carson does something and he knows we are upset, he tells us how sorry he is. If we don't say we forgive him almost immediately, it tears him up. He takes his punishment, but he still must hear those words, "I forgive you."

When I mess up with my boys and tell them that I was wrong, the best thing they do for me is wrap their little arms around me and say, "I forgive you, Mama."

Yet when I don't offer forgiveness, I do see where it leads me to sin. I can become bitter. I can harbor anger. I can say things that are hurtful.

When I am not offered forgiveness, it hurts so bad. The lack of forgiveness can consume me. I can lose my focus and almost worship the person to earn forgiveness.

Often we don't forgive because we don't think the transgressor deserves it. Well, we are not the judge of that. Forgiveness is commanded by God. Just because we were hurt by some one, doesn't mean we have to restore the relationship. In some cases that would be insane. Forgiveness offers a release for the hurter and the hurtee. Sometimes people don't even have to know you forgive them. It can be intimate. Sometimes it is better to not open that can of worms because they don't even realize they hurt you and bringing it up can actually make things worse.

As far a rebuking someone, I'd rather not.  There is a church member that has some of us in an uproar, we gripe and complain amongst ourselves because we are uncomfortable talking to him. I finally said I was going to say something, but felt that I could not rebuke him tactfully.  I kept my mouth closed.  If we don't know how to rebuke properly, that may be the best thing to do. 

As far as rebuking me, I'm pretty much awesome, so there is no need! Ha!  Thought you needed a good laugh.  If I hurt someone, I want to know, I want to fix it. I don't like conflict at all.  I'd rather someone come to me than talk about it to others and beat around the bush.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 64 Whose Fault is It?

I can relate so much to this scripture. I think if we are honest with ourselves we can see ourselves in it.

In Matthew 18:1-9, we are not being told to dismember ourselves. We are, however, being told to cut off from our lives that which causes us to sin.

Following Jesus is a lifestyle. Before we become Christians, we develop unhealthy habits that cause us to sin. Maybe we have girlfriends that we gossip with every time we get together. Maybe we drink when we gather with certain friends. Maybe we over eat when we become depressed or are alone. When we open our hearts to Jesus, we make a choice to change our lives. We make a choice, not to be better, but to be different. Therefore, we make lifestyle changes. Our habits change. We change.

I have had to distance myself from certain people because of gossip. A former coworker of mine loves to get the dirt on others and spread it. Too often, I would find myself getting caught up in this with her. I had to really watch my words with her. I found that I needed to gently turn the conversation in a different direction. I have even excused myself from her presence. When I was able to admit to God that I was struggling with gossip, he was able to show me how to keep away from that sin....with her. Now there are others that I find it easy to get caught up in conversation with as well. When I acknowledge where my faults lie, God is able to help me find an escape.

I believe the key is humbling ourselves in admitting our weaknesses. When we are able to do that, God can really help us.

Each day I pray the prayer of Jabez:
Lord, I pray that you would bless me indeed, that you would expand my territory. Father, I pray that your hand would be with me and keep me from evil so that I may not cause pain.

When I am praying this, I am asking God to guide my thoughts, words, and actions so that I may not sin against others or cause others to sin. I am asking him to help me bring honor and glory him.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to teach others how to serve Jesus, what the difference between right and wrong looks like. We have the awesome responsibility to live in such a way that others will be attracted to Jesus. When we fall, and we will, we must acknowledge our faults and sincerely ask for God to show us how to cut off from our lives that which makes us sin.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 63 When God Runs

I have always loved the story of the prodigal son. It is one of those stories I learn from each time I read it.

My family is huge. My mom is one of 11 kids. There are about 26 of us grandkids on her side of the family alone. Many of us have blessed my grandmother with great-grandchildren. My dad is one of three kids and I barely know my cousins on his side. One of them I wasn't around much and the other two are much older and live elsewhere. Jeffrey's side of the family is pretty good sized and includes a big extended family.

With all the drama that comes with family, I've come to the conclusion that FAMILY IS FAMILY. What do I mean?

I'm not always going to get along with everyone in my family. We won't always see eye to eye. But they are my family and I love them. They are the family God gave me. My cousin is getting married this year. She was my maid of honor. I'm not in her wedding. Am I angry? NO. It wouldn't make sense because we are not the same people we were 12 years ago. Unfortunately, we aren't as close as we were then. We've grown apart, but I still love her and would do anything I could for her. I don't like the fact that my grandma and aunt are raising my cousin's son, but that is my family. If I had to take the child just so he would be taken care of I would. I've been hurt by family members and I have hurt family members, but I love them. They are family.

I can't say that someone doesn't deserve love, compassion, or good things in their life because of things they have done. That is for God to judge and decide.

The bottom line, the point I am trying to make is









God is so truly AWESOME. Each day, I see that more and more. This wretch that I am am loved and cared for and wanted by the King.

What an amazing experience to be able to run into the arms of my heavenly Father. I am so glad, so very thankful, so blessed that He will never turn his back on me.



I don't deserve what He has to offer to me, but I will accept it.

My friend, I know I am saying a lot about me, but you can experience this yourself. You think you are unworthy? Well, yes we all are! That is the glorious part! Jesus came for us, the unworthy, the destitute, the shameful, the runways, the wretched. In Him, we have HOPE. How great is that?!?!? I am so not perfect; if I were, there would be no need for Jesus to want me. What I would then miss out on!

Happy First Birthday, Carter!

Yesterday we celebrated Carter's FIRST birthday (yeah, I know) with family and friends.  He had such a good time.  Enjoy the pictures.

Carter was so funny when it came to his cake.  He wanted NOTHING to do with "his own" cake. He only ate the Mickey cake.
It was such a nice day, we were able to spend time outside playing. Carter loved playing in "his" car. It was actually Colin's when he was little.  Unfortunately, Carter can only drive backwards.
I think the big boys liked their baby brother's gifts too.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Big day

Oh, we have a big day ahead.

Can you guess why?

Big hint...

I must bake and decorate a Mickey Mouse cake by 2:00.

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Day 62 Spiritual Immunity


As parents we make sure our children receive their immunizations from illnesses. We do it to protect them. Some parents have to make the choice not to immunize because of complications brought on by the shots. This choice is also to protect their children.  I'll never forget when Colin got his chicken pox immunization. Two weeks later, he got the chicken pox! 

Then there is the immunity we hear from reality shows. Contestants compete for immunity so they can't be voted off the show. There immunity keeps them safe.

In either example, we know there is still things that those seeking immunity still go through...struggles, pain. My kids cry because the shots hurt. On The Biggest Loser, the contestants experience mental and physical pain a long with temptations.

It is the same in the Christian life.

There is pain.

There are temptations.

We do shed tears.

When we were saved by God's grace, we were never promised that life would be easy and problem free. We were promised, though, that life would be more bearable because of the hope we have in our Savior Jesus Christ.  

God is there for us. 
To comfort us.
To protect us.
To love us.

He created us in his image.
He made us for himself.


He gave us free will, choice.

When we choose him, oh, how wonderful life can be, even through the tribulations we must face.

When we don't chose him, oh....


We have no hope without him. No hope of eternal life. No hope of daily joy...all only found in him.

So, we must choose this day whom we will serve.

Our immunity depends on it.

If you are not a child of God, call out to him now.

If you are hurting, call out to HIM now.

My Jesus is waiting. He is wanting to wrap his loving arms around you. In fact, Jesus yearns to. Allow him to show you his love.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 61 - Sure Thing

Have you ever been told by someone they would do something for you and they didn't?

Have you ever told someone you would do something and didn't?

I think all of our answers are YES.

We don't always mean to let people down, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we fall through on our promises.

Sometimes we overlook these incidents and sometimes we are truly hurt or hurt someone.

God, though, always keeps his promises. ALWAYS.

When we think we can't depend on anyone, we CAN depend on HIM.


As I say this, I think of my dear sweet friend who is hurting right now. Place your trust in HIM, my friend. He loves you. He will get you through this difficult time. I know it seems as if a happy ending is not realistic, but JESUS loves you and true joy is found in him.  Hand this situation over to Him and God will wrap his loving arms around you. He will also judge those who hurt you. Just trust in HIM.