Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 75 - Preparing the Lamb

Lately, I've come to realize that God is always preparing us for somthing.  He hands us a cup and expects obedience.  Sometimes it is easy to obey. Other times it is difficult. 

When preparing for events at our home, we have to clean the house....really clean.  Because of our busy lifestyles, the mail and old school work pile up on the counter and table.  Then I hurriedly clean out the diaper bag of dirty clothes and those pile up as well.  Then there is the toys scattered throughout EVERY room of the house.  And last we have LAUNDRY. I absolutely positively highly dislike putting away socks.  Oh, the matching and "folding" of socks.  YUCK!  I'd rather change a poopy diaper.  But I know if I don't get all of the chores caught up, then the event won't turn out as it should.

You see, God has this final event planned.  We can't comprehend what it is.  But he knows.  Each day he is preparing us for that event.  Sometimes we happily go along with his plans and sometimes we may do it kicking and screaming like when we have to "do the socks." 

There is something I feel like he has called me today right now.  I'm uncomfortable with it because the person I am dealing with is sometimes intimidating.  She is too smart for her own good sometimes.  She doesn't believe what I believe.  Yet, I think God is wanting me to witness to her.  Some days it is like I'm "doing socks" because my words and actions aren't matching up with what I feel they should be.

I feel like God is preparing me for some other things as well.  So as I try my best to obey, I have to have FAITH in his plan and his promises. 


  1. God calls us at times to "fold socks" so we can grow and see His mighty works in our lives and the lives of others. He will reward you for your faithfulness even when it is dirty socks. )

  2. I love your analogy of the dirty socks. I have a huge basketful sitting right here beside me that have been waiting to be matched for days. That messy pile of socks reminds me of how God can take our messy lives and do something with them....and daily prepare us for the plans he has for us.


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