Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 76 - The Last Supper

I remember taking part in my first Lord's Supper. It was very emotional. I was a new Christian so the meaning was so very real for me.

Later, I would have to sit with my children and explain what it was about and why they couldn't partake in the ritual. I remember Colin sitting with JD our former youth minister and he was explaining the symbolism to him. Now Colin is able to observe the Lord's Supper with us and Carson is the one with the questions.

I simply can not imagine what Christ was feeling this night. To know that the activity is taking part in was symbolic of his death. Usually, when something dreaded is about to happen, we try to shy away from it or go into denial. Yet Jesus didn't. He willing took his cup.

I think that if God is giving us a cup of suffering, we usually accept it with a feeling of dread. That is not a sin unless we don't admit our feelings to God and then become bitter and disobedient.

Christ is the ultimate example.

When we are burdened, when we are dreading what lays before us, we must place our TRUST in him and have FAITH for he has over come the world for us.

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  1. good thoughts. thanks for sharing these. blessings. :)


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