Friday, November 16, 2012


As we cuddled on the couch admiring our Christmas tree, I longed to stay in that moment. With your arms around me. The quiet. The two of us. Our children fast asleep in their beds.

As I heard your alarm go off this morning, I longed for you to stay in bed longer, pushing aside what had to be done today.  I climbed back into bed with you, hitting snooze. I wanted to stay that way.

As I think about what is about to come, the "going" you must do, I am reminded that we are not called to stay, but rather to go. We are called to make disciples of all nations. We are called to go to the outermost parts, just as you reminded us in your sermon Wednesday night.

Some people actually go, while others of us stay behind.  Whatever the case, I will stay strong, growing in the Lord, making you proud, being the wife I have been called to be. I will stay with arms wide open.  

Five Minute Friday
So, today is my first 5 Minute Friday.  I couldn't resist it today. Want to join in?  Click HERE to find out all the details.  Basically, write for 5 minutes. No editing. No overthinking. Just write for 5 minutes on the topic given. 


  1. So beautiful. It takes a strong love that is willing to stay and do more than just endure the waiting, doesn't it? I love those quiet evening moments when everyone is where they should be. I will keep you in prayer!

  2. Very sweet!! I know Jeffrey and your boys are proud of the wife and mother that you are! :o)

  3. Super cool to see your first #FMF post, and how you've stayed strong and writing through what I assume was a crazy and challenging season in your life! :)

  4. Beautiful post, Natasha!! Thanks for sharing it with the #FMFRetreat community. Love that you were willing to stay while your husband went as he was called. God bless you all!


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