Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Christmas Party

Friday night was our annual family Christmas party. We had 13 kids in the house, along with their parents and our parents. A good time was had by all. This was the first Christmas we've spent with the Rogers family in quite a while. Brian finished up his military duty at the first of the year after serving in Iraq. We were glad to have them home.

Memo Board

I saw this at Simply Created by Cole and had to share it. Hers looks much better than mine, but it will serve its purpose! I'll use it to remind myself of important events.

You need:

8X10 frame (or whatever size you'd like)
dry erase marker
paper (I used holiday printer paper)

Cut paper to fit frame and insert into frame.

Use the marker to write on the class. Wipe to clean!

Facebook Birth Announcement

I saw this video at CrazyMum's blog and just had to post it here.

BUT it wouldn't fit for some reason. Crazy Blogger settings.

Any, you can check it out here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Parenthesis, Pictures, Quotation Marks, and a Couple of Ha's!

This boy is a MESS!
My little guy is getting so big. He will be 9 months old on Sunday. He needs to slow down and quit thinking he is bigger than what he is. He is pulling up, clapping, waving, hugging, kissing, and saying Da Da. I don't expect him to say Mama anytime soon. I've always been last!
Carter "whooping up" on my dad.

I love how Carter and Haley are keeping an eye on each other.

I don't think I can say it too many times....I am so glad that Jeffrey is home. I know, he has been home since September, but I'm glad he is home! Don't I have some good looking boys? Carter was asleep. We don't wake our kids up. If they are sleeping, let'em!

We've been busy at our house remodeling. We got tired of talking about making our den our bedroom, so we did it. Boy did we do it! So glad it is done.

Because our den was just a big open room, we built a closet. It was our first (and last) drywall job!

We let the boys help. Like how Carson painted his name on the drywall?

I absolutely L-O-V-E my new walk in closet!!!Since we got a new bedroom, the boys got "new" rooms too. Each guy has their "own space" as Carson put it. We allowed them to choose their own paint for their rooms. We didn't paint Carter's room. When he is old enough to choose a color, we will paint it. Of course the boys wanted to help. Their mama made bigger messes than they did. No one looks behind doors right? Good! No one will see the paint drops and smears!

Carson painting in Colin's room

Colin's "new" room (our old room)

Carson's own spaceOn Veteran's Day, Roy Swisher, a teacher at Colin's school(friend of ours from church), had his pinning ceremony before the school. He is reintering the Army to be a Chaplain. He leaves for CHBOLC in January. Roys' wife Jan came to my house when we did the Esther Bible study.

Colin got to "dress up" before his classmates in some of Mr. Swisher's gear.

There were some distinguished guests there. We met and got a picture made with our Congressman, Ed Whitfield. Colin thought he was famous!

When we finally got the house back in order(ha!), we put our Christmas tree. Colin and Carson were really into actually decorating this year. Carson had a built of a meltdown though when he found out that we were putting our angel on top instead of a star.

And what good is Christmas time without baking cookies? Colin "decorate" (smeared icing with his fingers), while Carson ate!
Because I have lots of free time (another ha!), I volunteered to be the Club Calvary coordinator at church. Club Calvary is group of kids from 3rd to 6th grade. I am in charge of planning monthly activities for them. Our first venture.....

We took them to the Hardin Planetarium for a viewing of The Star of Bethlehem.

In November, we also purchased item and packed and wrapped gifts for Operation Christmas Child. I was so proud of Colin and Carson when I took them shopping. They were so eager to pick out items and really looked for things the other kids may like.

Ginger helped Carson with his package. He was so into it.

We are in the process of getting Colin signed up for Upward Basketball. They changed our local program this year, so we decided to try the church league. Unfortunately, they aren't doing it in our town this year. Jeffrey found a league in Portland, TN, so Colin will be playing there. He is really excited about it.
We are also planning for the "Griswold Family" Christmas Party. We will play a dirty Santa game, let the kids exchange gifts, and eat some good food.
With that being said....
I bought the kids an Advent Calendar last weekend. They are enjoying taking the mini books out and reading them. The books are then used as ornaments. I want them to truly understand what Christmas is about. We enjoy Santa Claus at our house, but we talk about he is just an extra fun part of Christmas and that we celebrate Christmas because of Jesus' birth and how that is the greatest gift of all. And you know, it is. Without Jesus where would we be? I know that I am thankful for the gift of Jesus in my life, knowing that because he was born, and lived, and died for ME, everyday is a precious gift. When I make a mess of things, he cleans up after me. I love my Jesus.
My heart hollars with joy, like Gladys Herdman, "Hey, unto you a child is born!" It is the greatest news there was and is.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cardboard Testimonies

This morning our church did a cardboard testimonies presentation.It was such an awesome service. Jeffrey couldn't be there due to drill, but his was on the screen.

My front said, "Sought Christ for my children."
On the reverse:

Colin's reverse side said, "Saved and Baptized in 2008.

Mike and Vanessa had the kids from Children's Church to participate, a nice surprise for all. Carson's sign said, "There is courage in His name."

There were just so many testimonies brought forth today from those who have been hurt, hardened, bitter, lonely, worried; from those who have miscarried, lost children or siblings to suicide, and spouses. It is amazing to see what God has done in their lives.

Welcome Baby Haley

No, we didn't finally have a girl! This is Miss Haley, Jeff's new cousin. She is so precious and has the sweetest cheeks, just like Colin!