Our Journey

When my husband and I were saved in 2004, we gave up claims to "our life."  We now live for Jesus. Truly for us, that is the Life Worth Living!

The Christian journey is not always easy.  I'll never claim to be the perfect wife, mother, friend, teacher, or daughter.  I am far from perfect.  However, I will continue to seek God's will in all I do.

Jeff is a Chaplain for the Army National Guard.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be an Army wife, that my husband would be a preacher.  However, God had different plans and we continue to do what He says. Jeff has his first deployment under his belt. Jeff has been ordained by our church and has received his endorsement from the North American Missions Board.

Jeff has also just been called to serve as Pastor of our home church.  This is an amazing opportunity for God to use him in our community.

As for me?  What is my role?  It is to be here for my family.  I support my husband and the road that God' is leading him (us) on.  Where ever He leads, I'll go.

I'll continue to serve Christ along the paths He will place me. Whether it is as a pastor's wife, mother, writer, or Sunday School teacher, I am fully dedicated to sharing His love with those around me.