Friday, April 19, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Mother India

Did you know that in India there are over 30 million orphans? Mother India is a documentary that follows David Trotter and Shawn Scheinoh as they travel to India to see what life is like for orphans there.  However, their journey led to more than they expected.

David and Shawn met a "family" of oprhans that live along the railway.  These children face many challenges to survive.  They have been abandoned or orphaned for many different reasons.  Many of them have injuries due to living along the railway including missing limbs.  Some have been involved in drug abuse and prostitution.

While learning about the life of this "family" of orphans, David and Shawn get to know Polayya and Koteswari.  These two young siblings were forced into begging and even abused by their parents. They eventually became a part of this group of orphans.  David and Shawn felt led to get the children off the railway.

Their journey shows how they worked with Harvest India to hopefully get the children off the street and into a better life.

Narrated by Rebecca St. James, this eye opening documentary is both insightful and heart wrenching.

You can get your own FREE copy of Mother India.  All you have to do is leave a comment. I will choose a winner on Monday.

I received  free copy of Mother India for a the purpose of review. The free winner's copy will be provided by Word Films and Blogger Gateway.

Five Minute Friday: Jump

Once I jumped off a boat to swim with dolphins. That decision was not smart. I didn't stop to think about what I was doing. No life jacket. Nothing. It was a dangerous situation that I look back upon and think, "Why did I jump?"

But you know what. I don't want to live my life and get at the end and say, "I wish I'd jumped."

Jumping means that you take risks. You don't stand on the sidelines and watch life pass you by.  You take the risk and either sink or swim.  Hopefully we will always swim, but that won't always happen.  When we do sink, we learn. We learn our strengths, we learn our weaknesses. We learn to lean on God.

I have come to realize that I am nothing without Him.  He offers so many opportunities, but those opportunities don't mean anything unless I make the decision to stand at the edge of the cliff and jump.  When I have taken advantage of those opportunities, God has shown me an amazing world.  He has taken away my fears. He has taken me out of my comfort zone. He has molded me into someone I never imagined I would or could be.

That first step though is a leap of faith. I had to first decide to live my life for Him.

Five Minute FridayToday, I am joining in with Lisa Jo and some other amazing folks for Five Minute Friday.  You can join it too. Visit Lisa Jo to find out more.

Wife to Wife Wednesdays: Change

Never in a million years did I expect to be a military wife. I always knew my husband would have liked to serve our country, but never thought it would lead anywhere. 

As a reserves family, the military hasn’t changed our lives that much.  I have been accustomed to my husband being away due to his civilian job. He has traveled many different places, as close as Atlanta and Chicago and as far away as LA and Japan. 

However, his service in the military has added new dangers to his travels.  I know anything can happen anywhere, but knowing what could happen due to his service is different. 

I’m not real sure that being a military wife has changed me, but I know serving the Lord has.  I know I could not live this life with my dedication to Him.  People say to me, “I don’t know how you do it.” My reply is, “I just do because of God.” 

I know I have had to become more independent.  Being in charge of “guy” things isn’t easy for me. Being a decision maker isn’t easy for me.  I was out of my comfort zone just having to select and purchase a new washing machine on my own.   I know some women have had to make major decisions like purchasing a vehicle  or home, or even something more important things like medical decisions. 

Whether or not we go active duty will definitely have an impact.  If we remain a reserve family, we will remain where we are.  However, if we go active duty, we will have to decide whether or not I would continue to work or stay at home with our children. Would they attend school or would I home school?  There are so many things about active duty that would change me. 

Are you a military wife? How has that changed you?  You can comment here or join in at Wives of Faith.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I am reminded daily of how amazing God's grace and mercy really are.  I don't deserve all the wonderful gifts He has given me.  I know there are times I have made a mess of things and He has had to clean up after me. I thank God that I am redeemed.

Wife to Wife Wednesdays (on Sunday): Books

I love to read. LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. I guess it is a good thing I am a reading teacher!  One of my favorite books right now is titled Something to Sing About.  It is a youth novel.  Our school librarian introduced me to the book, and I was hooked. I am currently reading it to my two reading classes.

In this story, Jamie Jo Morgan is having some issues with God.  Because of how her mama has been treated, she has some questions for the Lord like how He can love the mean girls as much as He loves her.  Oh, and bees. Don't get Jamie Jo started on bees. She is scared to death of them because she watched My Girl. However, it is her brother Pate that has a near death experience with bees.  When Jamie Jo's mama is "fired" from the church choir and decides to give church a rest, she prays that God will make everything the way it used to be.  Sometimes, the way it used to be isn't that great, and God's plans are so much better.

Are you interested?  Although this is a children's book, adults should read it as well. Author C.C. Payne (from my home state, oh and the story's setting is my hometown!) does an excellent job in showing how God works through what we might call the end of the world.  She shows how families can be broken and grow back together even stronger as long as they remain faithful to God.

If you read this book, please let me know what you think.  A couple of years ago, I did a book club with it with the kids at church. They loved it.

So what about you? Do you have a favorite book?  You can join in here or over at Wives of Faith.  We'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Wife to Wife Wednesday (on Sunday): Friends

friend (noun)

one attached to another by love or esteem

one that is not hostile

one that promotes something

a favored companion

Those were the definitions I found when I looked up friend on Merriam Webster.

I think sometimes we use the word loosely.  We are concerned with having and being surrounded with lots of friends. Isn't that what we wanted in middle and high school?  Truth be told, I am not what I would call "friends" with any of those people from that time in my life.  There are people I still see occasionally and we hug and chat for those few moments in the store.  But as far as being a being attached to some one by love who is favored companion....those people are very few.

I do have one special friend that I love very much.  You may remember her....

Hilarie and I met not quite 10 years ago.  Colin and Jacob were attending the same daycare, and then we were attending the same church.  God has changed us from the young mamas we started out as.  Since becoming friends, we have also become Christians. We even had the blessing of being pregnant together. Kylie and Carson were born just 5 days apart.  We have grown so much together. God has made us leaders in our church and community.  I enjoy spending time with Hilarie. We've coached soccer together, and I even suckered her into coaching her own team a couple of years ago! We can talk about everything or nothing at all and still enjoy each others company.  I know I can depend on her, and she knows she can depend on me.  These last few months have been crazy busy, and I feel like we haven't really spent that much time together (even though we sit across the aisle from each other in church every week!). However, when we are together, it is just as fun and interesting (if you know our kids) than ever.

I am very blessed and thankful to have Hilarie in my life.  I went for such a longtime without have a best friend, and God placed us together at just the right time. She is someone I can talk to, laugh with, and pray alongside. I pray for her all the time, and I know I am in her prayers as well.  

Hilarie, Thank you for being such a good friend to me. I love you!

.I am a little late participating in Wife to Wife Wednesdays this time with Wives of Faith. But I guess it is better late than never. Right?
Do you have a best friend you would like to share with us?  You can link up with Wives of Faith or comment here.