Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why, Hello There!

It seems I have neglected this space.  If you've been depending on me, sorry.  Life happens outside of the Internet.  Want to play catch up?

My baby turned 12. Yep. Next July, Colin will be a teenager.....I cringe typing that word. Teenager.  He is an amazing young man and I am so proud of him.

We had our annual Camp Creative again at church. This year's theme was God's Creative Exodus.  I taught the cake decorating class again.  The little ones made frog cupcakes, the middle group made Ten Commandment cakes and the big kids made cakes with a basket weave design. The youth girls made a "Moses Parts the Red Sea" cake.  

We spent a fun Sunday with Jeff's unit in Nashville.  It was sooooo hot.  Thankfully, the firefighters that came to visit with the children turned on the water hose.  If the wind blew just right, oooohhhhh, the mist felt so good.

Fall soccer has started. Honestly, shouldn't we play fall soccer in the fall?  Its been at least 2 weeks since we've had a practice or game due to the heat.  You really shouldn't have fall soccer in the summer.  

We had a back to school painting party where we each painted pencils for our classrooms.  It was fun and good to hang out with the other teachers before school started.  School is in full swing now.  New teammate. New principal. New assistant principal. New students. New year. I am hoping for a good year for me and the boys. Colin is in 7th grade. He has joined the robotics team. I think he will be on the academic team as well.Carson is in 3rd grade.  I hope he will be able to be in GT Art again this year. Carter has started preschool.  He is learning so much already and doing things for Mrs. Terri that I could never get him to do.

I think our biggest news is that Jeff finally completed and turned in his active duty packet.  A few things happened that finally got us to that decision. But all in all, we believe this is what God want us to do. Just pray for us!  We are now going to play that hurry up and wait game!

Somebody is getting old. Had to get glasses.

Until next time....