Saturday, January 31, 2009

Godly Thoughts

As I read from my Billy Graham devotional a bit ago, I thought about our upcoming Bible study and something that Colin said last night. Romans 12:2 says to Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Although Colin is only 6 years old, he can sometimes be pretty deep in thought.

Last night as we were coming home with his new Back to the Future "Marty" shoes, we talked about the phases of the moon and how difficult it is for me to teach that to my kids because they can't grasp "space." Colin then said God is in control of everything, even our minds. I agreed with him without pointing out that we have to LET Him control our minds. Well, part of that is what we occupy our time with. In the past, I have got caught up in sin (gossiping to be specific) due to the company I kept. As I have grown in my Christian walk, my circle of friends has changed. The sin that was so easy to take control of me is now easier for me to recognize and say, "Hey, this isn't right." My husband and I have mentioned before how our friendships have changed due to our growth as Christians.

I ask that you pray for this Bible study and the renewing of our minds as we study God's Word, pray, and fellowship together. May our time be filled with Godly thoughts, and may we allow God to have complete reign in our lives.

PLEASE feel free to complete this study along with us. Even if you can't be here in person, leave comments and we can discuss further.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Self Image

Last night as I was reading about Vashti, I couldn't help imagine how beautiful she must have been. Xerxes, I'm sure, was probably very handsome. However, the question was asked, "Do you agree that women notice the beauty of other women more than men?" I had to agree. Satan has filled us with insecurities. Our self image is probably one of those biggies.

Just look at the media. We are pressured to look like these models and actresses. I'm sorry, but that isn't real world. BTW, I think Jessica Simpson looks great! The everyday woman doesn't have personal trainers. We have real jobs, kids who don't eat, sleep, or clean up after themselves (because they are allergic to cleaning). We don't pay people to raise our kids and clean our homes and drive us around. We live in the real world where you keep your baby fat plus that of your kids. So, don't make me feel like I have to look like this size 2 celebrity. As I tell my kids, "Happen not gonna!" I'm sure I haven't heard for the last time, "Mama, those pants make your butt look fat."

Don't get me wrong, I do want to look nice. I want to feel good. I want my husband to think I look good. Yes, I like my sweats and jeans. I like no makeup and ponytail days. Sometimes that touch of glittery eyeshadow with a new outfit just pumps me up.

One of my devotions this morning talked about how we need to be reminded that our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit. Our bodies are in the shape they are in because of what we have done to them: not exercising, not eating good, drinking alcohol, smoking, not resting, running ourselves ragged. Now, I don't think we should all run out and try to look like supermodels, I think we just need to take time for ourselves to stay healthy. God gave us these bodies, if but for a little while, and we should take care of them. Remember.....He made everything glorious. What does that make me?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Party Central

I have to tell ya, I love a good get together: lots of snacks, Dr. Pepper, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit. Did I mention snacks? This Xerxes, he had it down pat. Throwing a party for 180 days and then adding a seven day feast on top of that. Whew! I couldn't do it. At the end of the day, I'm ready to say, "Goodnight!" This poor guy should have known if you party too much, you're bound to run into drama!

Before I get to far ahead, let me back up......

Beth Moore asked, "What are you hoping for as you begin this Bible study?" My answer...I want to become closer to God, to see myself full of goodness and filled with knowledge (Romans 15:4). I want to find strength as a woman, mother, and wife.

Beth Moore stated in Day 1: "Life here is full of trouble whether in small annoyances or an earth-splitting canyon of crisis. No life is free of trouble." Just ask Job.

Personally, I think we have to decide on how we are going to handle those small annoyances and crisis. If we allow God to work in us, "He will write our lives into His story and every last one of them will turn out to be a great read. With a grand ending."

In Day 2, we see Xerxes showing off his wealth. Boy, that will get you into trouble right there. Psalm 49:6-20 reminds us that we can't take our riches with us when we go, and they definitely can't redeem our souls.

We all need to remember that without our Father in Heaven, we are nothing. He created all things. He deserves all praise, honor, and glory. We can never understand true beauty and strength until we are found in His presence.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok, thanks to my friend Kim, I have become quite addicted to reading blogs. So, for the last few months, I've been going back and forth about starting my own. What would I say? Who would read it? Do I have time? Well, a few nights ago, God told me I wasn't going to start a blog if I didn't spend more time with Him. I agreed. After all, He is most important.

So, I decided to start a study group. My mother-in-law got me Esther: Its Tough Being a Woman by Beth Moore for Christmas. With my kids being sick and me going back to work, I hadn't found time to get started on it. Let me add that I was totally intimidated by the book. I thumbed through it several times and just felt overwhelmed. The other day, I called my BFF Hilarie and asked her if she would like to do the study with me. She agreed and our group of two has grown to six.

I decided to go ahead and start my blog to go along with the study. I will share with you how God speaks to me through this study and through our group gatherings. Please PRAY for us as we journey through this. I am excited about spending time with these special ladies.

On another note.....
This morning, I woke up to lots of ICE. It was beautiful! The first thing I saw was a tree branch falling across the street. I thought of how God works to mold us. Our lives are so busy. I should know....a mother of two, a wife, a teacher, a soccer mom (who thanks to my husband was voted to be the 4yr old soccer commissioner), a Relay for Life team captain and committee member, writing cluster leader (ultimately responsible for all those 4th grade writing portfolios - YUCK)....and my list goes on. I'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to stopping and LISTENING to God. Yes, I talk to him, but LISTENING is not my best strong suit. I'm getting better. Anyway, because we are so busy, we don't listen to God. We don't allow Him to mold us into what HE wants us to become. Sometimes we must be "frozen" like those trees and have Him break off our weak branches. We need to slow down and let Him work. (oh, another branch just fell)

Now, why the title A Life Worth Living? I honestly love my life. NO! It is not perfect, but it is mine and God has definitely blessed me. Throughout my entries, I'll tell you about some of those many blessings. God chose me. He has a plan for me, for my husband, and my children. He put us together for a reason. Everything I am, everything I have is because of HIM. My life is a wonderful life.

I pray that as I use this blog, that God may break off my weak branches to make me stronger in Him. I pray that my words would inspire each of you to allow God to do wonders in your lives.