Monday, January 25, 2016

Five Minute Friday on Monday: Present

It's time for us to be present.  To really be awake and alert.

Things happen that cause me to shudder, cause me to consider the brevity of life.

We are not promised tomorrow.  A crisis can change all we know and love.

We've been blessed with a foot of snow.  Yes, a blessing.

I've stopped.

I've cuddled with my boys and their daddy.  We played in the snow, built Harold the Snowman, made snow angels, threw snowballs, went sledding.  We were there together in those cold snowy moments making memories.

When we are present, truly there, we do that.

We enjoy life, soak it in, cherish it.

We need more moments like that because in this busy world of going here and there, we get in ruts and routines, and we forget.

We forget that we are not promised tomorrow, but we only have the promise of the present moment.

So make it count.

Our children are depending on us.  They are looking to us for guidance, for love, for fun, for life.  We owe it to them.  We owe them our time.

So it is time to do Five Minute Friday on Monday.

It is time to stay up late and watch movies.

It is time to go slow.

It is time to put on layers of clothes to brave the elements (and seriously not be able to put our arms down).

It is time to bake a cake and make snow cream.

It is time to say YES.

It is time to be fully present and put family first.

I hope that whatever weather you are having, that you've found time to be present in the moment.  Thank you for joining me on this beautiful day.  Don't forget to head over to Kate's to read other great posts about Friday's Prompt: Present. 


  1. Thank you so much for your loving thoughts and reminding us all what matters most.

  2. Thank you so much for your loving thoughts and reminding us all what matters most.

  3. Such sweet words, Natasha. They are valuable advice for us all...even those of us that have older kids who aren't around much.
    I love how you said 'Five Minute Friday on Monday'. For me it is sometimes 'Five Minute Friday on a Thursday 2-4 weeks later'. ��
    Ble blessed this week!!!

    ~#9 on linkup this week

  4. Hi Natasha,

    We had almost 2 feet here in WV! Crazy weather! My kids went out yesterday and made snowmen. You are right, time is a gift and we need to use it wisely and enjoy every minute.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. great post! I, too, wrote about the snow adventures. 35 " and some great neighbors that help. Popping over from FMF.


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