Saturday, March 05, 2011

Day 54 - Do You Really Want to Know?

There are so many times I ask a question when I really don't want to here the answer.

After reading this scripture, I have a couple of thoughts. First, I think there are many people that want a relationship with Jesus, but they don't seek it for lots of reasons, one of which I think is they don't want to humble themselves and admit they are sinners. That is hard because we don't like to admit we are wrong. We'll I figured out a LONG time ago I wasn't perfect, so I could admit my sin. I was afraid of the lifestyle change. I attended church, but I knew that having a REAL relationship with Jesus meant serving him in everything I do. That is not easy. Take today for instance. (yes I know I am posting a day 55 story on a day 54 lesson I can explain later)I was upset because the nursery door wasn't unlocked for Sara's baby shower. I, along with two guests, needed to use the room. I griped about it first thing. It was ugly of me to have that attitude when meeting strangers today. I should have kept it to myself for the time being but I didn't. My attitude wasn't pleasing to him, and sometimes those inner things are the thing we need to surrender to him in order not to bring shame to him. I am sorry for that poor attitude.

Then I think about helping others. I like to think I am helpful. I donate money for causes. I serve through church. I teach. I know though that I could do more. Like many people I come up with excuses. Time. Money. Fear. Safety. My own abilities or lack of. I fail to allow God to work through me. I thank Him for those that surrender to Him in order to help me.

So now I take a step back. Examine myself. And know...I need some work.

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  1. I can definitely catch myself in similar situations complaining. It is so easy to do. I guess that is our human nature. Relationship with Jesus changes our human nature. One step at a time. We just have to give it all to him. Not always easy as long as we get back at it after we fail.


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