Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are You Prepared.

At lunch today Monday (this is one of those 3 day posts CrazyMum), we were discussing the events going on in Japan. I am so saddened by the devastation. Because of my husband's job, we know some Japanese people. Although they live in Japan, they are away from the destruction. Jeffrey is supposed to be traveling to Nagoya in the coming weeks. I am so not wanting him to go.

Anyway. Back to our lunch conversation....

We were talking about being prepared for an earthquake here. Yes, here in south central Kentucky. We had a small one a few years back. I remember waking to the sound of rumbling. I was in the bed with the boys (they weren't feeling well), and Jeff was on the couch (no he wasn't in trouble).  I thought it was thundering until it kept on and I realized the house was shaking. I remember thinking how cool it was. Weird right?  Anyway, we practically live on a fault line. Our area has small tremors every once in a while.

Ok, back to being prepared....

Honestly, as far as being prepared for an earthquake here, we really aren't.  We do earthquake drills at school along with other emergency drills. I've talked with my own children about what to do if we have one (don't lay in bed thinking it is cool like mama).  But really, what can we be prepared for?

I took lamaze classes with all of my pregnancies to prepare for birth.  However, each experience was different and things happened that I wasn't prepared for.  I pushed for 3 hours with Colin and they almost had to use alternate methods to get him out. Carson was rushed outof the room because of his lungs, plus my own oxygen level was low (didn't know that until I was in labor with Carter). Carter came FAST. 

When I got married, I planned for months to have a perfect wedding.  We made changes to decorating the night before. It was actually a warmer day, and I had to turn on the air in the church so I wouldn't pass out.

I prepare for each school year. But I never know how it is going to go until I actually get to working with the children.

I am preparing for my future by saving extra retirement money.

With any of these circumstances, anything can happen to change things. 

The only thing we can prepare for is our eternal destination.  So that is when I said during our conversation at lunch, "I'm glad I know Jesus."

You see, because I know Jesus, I know where I will spend eternity.  Do I want to die? No, but I don't have to fear death. I don't have to fear earthquakes, tornados, cancer, or a heart attack.  I don't want those to happen, but I don't have to fear. I know Jesus. I know where I stand with Him. I know He will take me to my heavenly home when it is time.  I am prepared for eternity because of my relationship with him.

Can you say that?

Can you say that if you died today, right this very minute as you are reading these words, that without a shadow of a doubt, you would spend eternity in heaven?

If you can't, PLEASE do something about it.  Please, I beg you. 

We are NOT promised tomorrow.

We are promised an eternity with our King if we know him.

Do you know Him?

Prepare today if you don't.

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