Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 61 - Sure Thing

Have you ever been told by someone they would do something for you and they didn't?

Have you ever told someone you would do something and didn't?

I think all of our answers are YES.

We don't always mean to let people down, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we fall through on our promises.

Sometimes we overlook these incidents and sometimes we are truly hurt or hurt someone.

God, though, always keeps his promises. ALWAYS.

When we think we can't depend on anyone, we CAN depend on HIM.


As I say this, I think of my dear sweet friend who is hurting right now. Place your trust in HIM, my friend. He loves you. He will get you through this difficult time. I know it seems as if a happy ending is not realistic, but JESUS loves you and true joy is found in him.  Hand this situation over to Him and God will wrap his loving arms around you. He will also judge those who hurt you. Just trust in HIM.

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  1. I try my hardest to do what I say. However in some accounts I'm glad I don't always do as i say, because sometimes my mouth gets the best of me. In those cases I'm thankful God makes me stop and realize all my actions need to show his love. I'm thankful that all of God's promises are going to make me stronger and are never meant to hurt me. I need to work on making my promises do the same thing for other people.


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