Monday, March 28, 2011

Day77 -Still teaching, still learning

As a teacher, I often get frustrated when my students just don't get it.  I have said it 100 times & I have showed them how just as many.  Still they don't get it. Sometimes, I forget they are children. Their minds little, unable to comprehend. Sometimes I forget their circumstances. For so many kids, their priority is basic survival. School is not a priority.

Aren't we sometimes like this?

Does God sometimes feel like throwing his hands in the air and say, "What do you not get? It isn't that hard!"

I think sometimes maybe he does.

Maybe those are the times we look back and reflect, "What was I thinking?"

Maybe God sometimes asks, "what are you thinking?" 

I am so thankful that He is patient and doesn't give up on me. I can be a real dork sometimes. As humans, we lose our patience and want to give up on others when they don't get it.  God doesn't do that. He keeps after us. He remembers we have little minds and we sometimes can't, or possibly don't want to comprehend what he is trying to teach us. 


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