Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 62 Spiritual Immunity


As parents we make sure our children receive their immunizations from illnesses. We do it to protect them. Some parents have to make the choice not to immunize because of complications brought on by the shots. This choice is also to protect their children.  I'll never forget when Colin got his chicken pox immunization. Two weeks later, he got the chicken pox! 

Then there is the immunity we hear from reality shows. Contestants compete for immunity so they can't be voted off the show. There immunity keeps them safe.

In either example, we know there is still things that those seeking immunity still go through...struggles, pain. My kids cry because the shots hurt. On The Biggest Loser, the contestants experience mental and physical pain a long with temptations.

It is the same in the Christian life.

There is pain.

There are temptations.

We do shed tears.

When we were saved by God's grace, we were never promised that life would be easy and problem free. We were promised, though, that life would be more bearable because of the hope we have in our Savior Jesus Christ.  

God is there for us. 
To comfort us.
To protect us.
To love us.

He created us in his image.
He made us for himself.


He gave us free will, choice.

When we choose him, oh, how wonderful life can be, even through the tribulations we must face.

When we don't chose him, oh....


We have no hope without him. No hope of eternal life. No hope of daily joy...all only found in him.

So, we must choose this day whom we will serve.

Our immunity depends on it.

If you are not a child of God, call out to him now.

If you are hurting, call out to HIM now.

My Jesus is waiting. He is wanting to wrap his loving arms around you. In fact, Jesus yearns to. Allow him to show you his love.

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  1. Well said my daughter and my sister in Christ !!


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