Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day 51 - Blasted Unbelievers

At one time, we were all lost.  I'm sure we all tried the patience, nerves, and character of the believers with whom our paths crossed.  How did they handle us?  Did they show us love and compassion or secretly (or publicly even) wish to destroy "our kind?"

Here's a couple of stories:

I have a coworker who is of another faith.  Once she and I had words over something at work.  The specifics aren't important, but what I want you to notice is this.  I love her.  I don't agree with her, but I love her.  After our confrontation, I was asked to call her about something.  People looked at me like, "Oh, gosh. What's going to happen?"  She and I speak and work peacefully together.  Why should we act any other way?

Suppose some people come to your church one night during a meal.  They smell. They only show up when there is food?  How do you treat them?  Do you tell them when they have had enough?  Do you spray them with Lysol?  Do you welcome them and tell them to help themselves.

I think regardless of the situation, whether we are dealing with unbelievers or "super christian," God is testing our character.  We should treat others the way Jesus would treat them. With love and compassion. 

People watch us. We are Christians and should show them. Notice I didn't say act like it, but show them.  Being a Christian is not an act, it is a lifestyle. Everything we say and do should reflect Jesus. When we stumble and fall, we should allow Him to lift us. We want to attract others to Him, not drive them further away.


  1. I agree with you completely! I looks at others and try my very best to love them and treat everyone the way Jesus does. Jesus always provides enough for everyone rather it's love or food and he turns no one away no matter their situation.

  2. Well said Natasha. I loved the quote from the prayer part of today's study, "May I walk in wisdom toward others, making the most of the time.". There has been so many times...pretty much daily, that I don't "make the most of the time" that I have. I look back on certain situations and think how I should have reached out more or been more understanding or thoughtful. I know God can helo ne with this and that is my prayer today.


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