Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On Being a Writer: Plan

If I haven't mentioned it, or if you haven't caught on, I am taking part in a discussion group with Kate Motaung and some other amazing writers.  For 6 weeks, (oh our time is almost up!) we have been reading On Being a Writer and discussing it's contents and how it is affecting us as writers.  As a newly proclaimed writer (it's surreal saying that), I have to say that this book has meant a lot to me. In fact, it has helped me with my brave.


During this season of life, it is very difficult for me to plan my writing. As Kate said on her blog, many of us wear a variety of hats.  I can totally relate.

Working full time as an elementary teacher + all the after school meetings that go along with that.

Robotics coach.

Mom of 3 boys who have lots of activities.

Soccer coach.

Sunday School teacher.

Yes, I think I wear quite a few hats.  Much of what I write, I would call impulsive.  Kate said,

"As a result, we would do well to make use of the moments we can snatch."

And that's what I try to do.  I try to snatch the small, quiet moments and write.  It's usually never planned.  Take today for instance.  After a faculty meeting, I was home alone with two children not feeling well. My oldest sone had not made it back from a round of golf with a friend, and my husband went on to church without us. My "plan" was to get this post typed up and published.  However, I had an idea about joy and thankful in times of trouble.  I couldn't shake the idea and just had to write it.

That's how much of my writing goes.

I have goals I'd like to reach in my writing, but I haven't actually planned anything out.  That takes time, the kind of time I don't have a lot of.  But I'm trying. I'm trying to be more consistent and more intentional. I think that's a start, and we've all got to start somewhere.


  1. i think i lost my comments. just want you to know i enjoyed your post:) i'm your new next door neighbor natasha. i think i lost my first comment. i enjoyed your post. in answer to your rhetorical question/comment, that's a great place to start:)

    i had a hard time getting my post to come together. could it be that 1000's if interruptions today might have their effect? ugh!

    Blessings you plan for the future!

  2. You do wear many hats! I admire that you take the opportunities given and magnify the time you have.

  3. It sounds like your plan is to squeeze writing into a busy life! That's a plan!

  4. I agree, it sounds like a good start. Write when you can just now and maybe you'll have more time to give to it at some point in the future.

  5. I wear so many hats too! I appreciate your post so much. It reminds me to plan but also to take the time to write when I'm feeling the nudge.


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