Friday, September 25, 2015

On Being a Writer: Limit

Do I wear many hats?


Wife of an associate pastor/army chaplain/amazing man

Mama/maid/personal assistant/chef/chauffeur/referee to 3 boys (13, 9, and 5 years old)

Soccer coach (on break until June)

Sunday School teacher, nursery worker, VBS teacher

Robotics coach

Teacher of all things fifth grade and Common Core

Aspiring writer

Yes, many hats.

I told my friend, aka assistant robotics coach, I was considering taking over academic team.  She begged me to rid my mind of that thought.

Nope, don't really need anything else to do, another hat to wear.

Right now, in this season of life, I find it difficult to limit things so I can focus on writing.  Family and church will always come first.  And, well, I have two mortgages to pay, so I have to continue teaching.  Want to buy a house?  Everything else I do is for fun, for my sanity.  

I want my writing to glorify God.  Therefore, I've been working to take steps to get closer to Him.  I've set aside time for each day to read His Word. I take part in prayer and Bible study.  I fellowship with other believers.  I'm trying to limit my time on social media, on mindless iPad games, and idleness. I am becoming more conscientious about my time, not wanting to waste a moment.

My goal is to be more consistent and persistent in writing. I am going to take advantage of writing opportunities that may present themselves and find time to write as much as possible.

This writing life is definitely important to me, and I want to use this gift to reach others.

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