Friday, September 25, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Doubt

In the fight for life, there is no room for doubt.

For me, it's either all or nothing.

What about you?  What are you fighting for?

Your kids?
Your marriage?
Your life?

We are all fighting for something....

for that pay raise
for that new job
for a cure
for healing

In our fight, we have to march in, shoulders back, head held high, determined.

Determined to fight.
Determined to win.
Determined against all odds.

If we let the slightest bit of doubt creep in, Satan can and will have a field day.  He loves when we doubt.  It weakens our faith.  We fight a little softer, a little less, and finally we quit.

We give in.

But you know what?

The victory has already been won. Christ has overcome the world.  There is hope!

My hope is in Him.

I've learned that my ways are not His ways.

My timing is not His timing.

His answers aren't my answers.

But His way is perfect.  And to be in His will, there is NO room for doubt.

So we must lean on Him.  We must be guided by His nail pierced hands.  We must believe that we will be victories regardless of the battle ahead.

Thank you for joining me this week for Five Minute Friday!  New to the FMF movement?  Well, basically, you start at Kate Motaung's fabulous blog and get her one word prompt. Then you write for five minutes.  You let the words flow.  Five Minutes. No overthinking. No editing. Just writing.  Head over to to join in the fun.


  1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I wish more Christians could understand that our job is just "cleaning up" The war has already been won. Well written!!!

  2. Thank you. Thanks so much for these words. Which, as so often happens with FMF posts I read, arrived to me at exactly the right time. Your line, "We must believe that we will be victorious regardless of the battle ahead" was *exactly* what I needed to hear just now....thank you. Helen


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