Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Bible Study

So you see, a very LLLLOOOOOONNNGGG time ago, I purchased this book:

I had planned on starting this new Bible Study then, but I failed. I haven't even made it through the introduction. It is a 90 day study about JESUS.

I desperately want to start this, but I'd like for some of you to join me, making me accountable and to share how this study touches your (OUR) lives.
I will create a post every evening/night (Beginning Monday, January 10) to share my reflections on that day's study. If you are a fellow blogger, I'll have it set up to where you can link up and allow others to view your reflections. Those that aren't bloggers, can leave a comment with your reflections.
How does that sound?
If you are interested please let me know.


  1. hi natasha,
    beth moore bible studies are really good.
    i wish i can do this study with you but i just started one at church. we are studying "david" by chuch swindoll. so my focus is on that right now.
    good luck, i'll be following your updates on the study.

  2. Natasha,
    I would love to join you in this study. I can link up, I have a blog, I haven't been as faithful at blogging as you have, but mine is stevenskids@blogspot.com. I will have to get the book. I will work on that asap. I am also going to be taking two classes at WKU so I will try my best to be faithful in this. I always have the best of intentions, but often get sidetracked. It think this will be great.

  3. I really like her studies. She had a similar study I listened to called The Word Made Flesh

  4. Yay!!! Today we start the study!!!

  5. Leslie, I love your excitement!!!!


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