Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7 - Heaven Came Down

When Colin was starting kindergarten, we went to his open house.  A former coworker of my came up to me and asked, "Aren't you going to go over there to see who is in his class.  You don't want him with the riff raff."

I was appalled.  I am the riff raff. 

My parents are working class. When I was growing up, they both worked in factories. We lived in the trailer park for a while. We didn't have brand name clothes or fancy cars.  What we did have, my parents worked hard for.

My husband and I now work hard for what we have.  We bought our house after it had been sold at a Master Commissioner sale.  It was totally trashed and we had to completely remodel it.  We drive used cars. My kids wear hand-me-down clothes.  I make sure they have what they need, before I take care of myself.

Yes, we are the riff raff.  Big stinkin' nobody's. 

But that is just fine with us.

You see, we can learn a whole lot from looking at the news of Jesus' birth.  When the angel appeared to share the joyous news, who did he appear to first? 

The shepards in the field.

The riff raff.

We do not choose our situations (some people do, but that is a different blog post).  I think God places us somewhere and it is up to us to use that situation to glorify him.  I love this commentary from my Bible about 1 Corinthians 1:26-28:
"Paul explained that the gospel of Christ appears foolish to human reason.  To further his point, he encouraged the Corinthians to remember their own humble orgins.  According to human standards, most of them were not intelligent, influential, or rich. On the contrary, they were members of the common lower class and would have been considered weak, lowly, and even despised.  Nevertheless, God called them. A "call" is a an invitation or an official summons by God to enter into a personal relationship with Him.  A call is not based on human wisdom or staus but on the grace of God who, in his "foolishness," has chosen the unworthy  things of the world to shame those of hugh human worth.  This was done so His chosen people would glory in Him and not in their own status or accomplishments."

Jesus came for ALL OF US.  Not the rich and powerful. Not the good and saintly. He came for the riff raff like me.  Those who fall short of His glory.  What an amazing gift!  I did nothing to deserve the gift of Jesus.  I am a complete failure without him. We could never be good enough to earn His love or our salvation.

I am so glad that God called me, a big stinkin' nobody with more faults than I can count, to enter into a relationship with him.  I pray that I never forget my humble beginnings and that I never glory in myself, but in Him.  It is through Him that I get my worth.

O what a wonderful, wonderful day
Day I will never forget.....

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul  
When at the cross the Savior made me whole;
My sins were washed away
And my night was turned to day
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!


  1. That is the exact song I was thinking of when I was reading today!
    I think that the glory of God shines around us when we don't forget that He is control. His light shines through, around, and in us because He is with us.
    God wants us to be humble before Him. He doesn't want us to tell others that we deserve to be saved or that it is our right to go to heaven. He wants people there who are truly grateful for the fact that GOD did this for them.
    I remember having friends who didn't have to work for anything. They were given everything they ever wanted. A car, gas money, designer clothes, everything was handed to them on a silver platter. I started working a real job when I was 15. I paid for things after I got my job. I appreciated the things I bought with my own money. I know that my friends didn't appreciate what they had because they expected it. I knew that my parents worked hard for the things that they could provide for me. So when they did splurge to buy me a car, I took pride in it. It is the same with God. People who expect good things aren't going to end up with it in the end because they don't see the joy in each little thing.

  2. Natasha, This post is so good. Hilarie, your comments are great. I'm really loving this Bible study.

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  4. My favorite part of teaching is working with the "riff raff," the kids that some others push to the side as a lost cause, especially the kids I have the chance to spend time with through my husband at LOPC and the high school. Some of the kids we have really feel like they are nobodies. What's worse is that some of them feel like they have nobody. This goes for some of the parents too! I love helping them realize that nobody is a nobody. It's so cool to help them find the best in themselves and build upon that.
    Some kids (and adults for that matter) have never had someone who loves them and accepts them for who they are, just because... no strings attached. This is the best gift we can give these "nobodies," helping them to realize they are somebody, somebody worthy of respect, love, and second, third, and fourth chances. I try to make a point to never say anything to a child that I wouldn't say with Jesus and the child's parents standing right beside me. This has helped me to build relationships with kids, giving them a safe place. I find myself praying for patience and compassion every day more than ever before though. I truly believe that there's no other job that could possibly be more rewarding than the one I have. It's just another one of God's blessings for me, and I thank Him for that!


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