Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 19 - The Enemy's True Colors

When I read Beth Moore's first question, I was like, "Oh, Gosh!  I don't know.  I don't think I have." 

I think it is the word clear that gets me.

Things are certainly different these days than they were when Jesus walked the earth.  Demonic activity was probably seen more clearly, hence the many references to those with unclean spirits. The way of life was much simplier, not so many distractions.

I'm going to venture out there and say that as time as passed, this activity has become less clear.  Satan has found a way to blow smoke in our eyes so we don't notice things to be of him.  We are so easily distracted these days by TV, sports, money, socialization, and the list goes on. How did Satan get us so distracted from Jesus? He is....


That was the word I came up with from Moore's second question.  To me, Satan is deceptive.  He was in the Garden of Eden. He was when he tempted Jesus.  He is today.  Satan is really good at making us think, "Oh, it isn't that bad."  We no longer see things as black and white, we see these gray areas.  That is Satan. 

I'm going to venture out there again and say somethings that you may or may not agree with, but just hear me out.

I love a good TV show.  I'm addicted to NCIS and Say Yes to the Dress. At one point (before I became a Christian), I loved watching Will and Grace, Big Brother, Survivor and Oprah. But my TV taste has changed.  Why? Frankly, I got tired of being bombarded with ideas that some of the activity and ideas being supported by these shows were ok when the Bible clearly says they aren't.  I was almost numb to what I was seeing and hearing on these shows, but one day it was like my eyes were opened. Satan is in the media.  Am I going to boycott TV? No, I'm just going to be very careful about what I watch and what my kids watch. Just recently there was something they saw on TV they thought was funny. I let them know quickly that it was not ok, that God is against it.  We have to teach our kids and keep open lines of communication.  There will always be things out there that Satan will use to try to cloud their beliefs. Although I am an avid fan of Say Yes to the Dress, I do turn the channel if there are some things on there I don't approve of. I know those people are doing their job, I just don't have to watch it. With some of the things Satan loves on every channel I turn to, it is easy to see how lost people with really no believes can be deceived into thinking some things are ok when really they aren't.

Bottom line?
Satan is deceptive.

He deceived me into not coming forward at that revival in Allen Co.
He deceived me into thinking my friend Amy was wrong to ask for prayer for me in high school.
He deceived me in thinking I wasn't pretty enough, smart enough, and good enough. 
He has deceived me in so many ways and laughed as I made a mess of things. 

Jesus, though, HE picked me up and dusted me off each time I fell.  I am thankful that when I begin to slip away, HE pulls me back under His arm.  I thank God that He blows away the cloudiness I am sometimes faced with.


  1. Boy are you right. People's morals and standards have definitely changed. You cant even watch regular TV without a cuss word, same sex. It really makes me worried about what kids are seeing and how it effects them. I saw in the paper where the aethiests put upa billboard that said soemthing to the fact "you know it's a myth celebrate reason". I feel like non-believers get thier message across more than Christians do in today's society.

  2. I know I have really become aware of how much on tv is inappropriate. Having kids has also really helped with that awareness. I find myself turning the channel or turning off the tv more and more all the time due to language or topics I don't want my kids to hear or I find contrary to Christian values. The enemy has found a way to use our entertainment.

  3. I got so frustrated with TV and the way it was headed that I just quit watching it all together when Alicyn was a tiny baby. Satan uses a lot of things to dull our minds and make bad things seem like the norm in today's society. It can be anything, too. And not necessarily bad things....I mean he just knows how to distract us! How many times have I read one of those Christian novels when I should have been spending time with my family or been out there witnessing or helping a friend in need? Or spending time with God?


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