Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 10 - Listening, Answering

As a parent, one of my worst fears is losing a child, having them alone, searching frantically for me while I search for them.  I cannot imagine the horror it must be to go through that.

We can look back at Luke 2:41-47 and be amazed that Mary and Joseph did not know where Jesus was for 3 days.  I'm sorry, but I want to know where my child is every waking minute.  Today for instance, Colin was leaving my classroom and immediately I asked, "Where are you going?"  Carson, bless his heart, announces each time he leaves the room to potty.  Yes, Mama definitely wants to make sure she knows exactly where her kids are.

But Jesus, sweet Jesus, was in the temple...listening, answering.  He was about his Father's business (I know, we haven't gotten that far yet). 

Oh, listening.

I think the older I've gotten the worse I've gotten at listening.  It is one of my many faults. Just ask my husband.  I don't mean to be a bad listener, it isn't that I don't care what people are saying.  My hearing isn't what it used to be and I become very easily distracted.  It is something I am working on. 

But I thank God that Jesus is a good listener.  Oh, how often I have poured my heart out to him!  I can't recall a time that I thought He wasn't listening to me. No matter how big or small the "stuff" was that I laid at the foot of the cross, I always felt him there with me. For that, I am very thankful.

If we ever feel that Jesus isn't listening to us, it may be that we aren't listening to him, that our hearts aren't in tune to what he is trying to tell us.  I have a coworker friend that was upset because God wasn't answering her prayers for a man in her life.  I just had to make the comment that maybe she needed to spend more time with him and maybe eventually he would. I know it was a bold statement, but I couldn't help myself.

If our hearts aren't right with him, is he going to answer us the way we want? Probably not. We have to remember that his answers aren't always going to be the ones that we want. 

Sometimes he will tell us Yes.

Sometimes he will tell us No.

Sometimes he will tell us Not Now.

Whatever the answer, we must know that God gave us that answer because he loves us and he knows best. We must be thankful for unanswered prayers, those times that God told us No or made us wait. 


  1. To have that peace and know that God is with your child and you do not have to worry, I can imgaine that Mary was so at peace and truly knew that he was being watched out for. School does not bother me but out in public does!
    I think we have a disadvantage at listening all day by the time we get home we don't want too! I think I am too busy to listen and I am sure I ahve missed so much from my kids, to husband to Jesus. I too need to slow down and truly listen.

  2. I also fear the thought of losing one my children. However if you think they are with you the worry is not there of them being gone. I think God gave Mary this peace and maybe this is why he was left behind without a second thought. Jesus was to stay behind to teach and listen. I feel this was another example of God's plan in action.


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