Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 18 - Shooting Stars

When I asked God to help me with today's passage, I immediately thought of Tiger Woods. 

Americans put Tiger Woods on a pedestal.  We were mesmerized by his seemingly unnatural golf talent. He was idolized.  Then Tiger messed up in his personal life and we no longer had the same feelings for him. Tiger let us down.  How could he do that?  We put so much of our time, energy, feelings, and money into him. 

Isn't that just like us though?   We see someone a certain way and somehow they let us down.  Either they make a mistake, change, or act like they are better than us.  How many people have we let slip from our lives because of this?

Please don't think that I am trying to compare Jesus and Tiger.  There is no comparison. I'm just trying to make a daily connection is all.

Jesus seemed to be put on a pedestal by the Nazarenes for a short time.  Here, this son of Joseph the carpenter was speaking so eloquently.  How in the world could that be. The people were amazed with how He presented the message.  In a moment, they thrust Jesus out of town. Jesus spoke words the people didn't want to hear, like ruining the moment for them. 

Maybe that is like us when the preacher is preaching a good sermon and then he talks about money.  Doesn't our mood immediately change? What other things change our mood during the preaching of God's Word?  Gambling, drinking, cursing, gossiping, cheating God.   We don't want to hear these things. We don't want to be told that what we are doing is wrong. We don't want to be judged.

I have to say though that I have sat in church or left church with these thoughts:
That was what I needed to hear.
I wish -- would have been at church to hear that.
Oh, this is what -- is going through. I hope he/she had an open heart to this.
Thank you God for bringing me down a notch.

I think it is important that when we are in the presence of God (at church, during Bible study, during prayer, or devotional time), that we pray for an open heart and an open mind.  That it would be a learning time for us, a time to reconnect and get back on track, God's track.  If we fail to ask for His Word to touch our lives, we risk slipping into the darkness with Satan.


  1. I am reading a book now and it has to do with law and a woman who is a preacher and she can look at people and know what thier sin is and she calls them on it. If real life was like that no one could be on a pedastal! I know that I want, need to hear those things in church to help keep me grounded all week!

  2. When we become closer to God temptations will always become stronger. Satan doesn't want us to have a relationship with God. Example: not to long ago our church had a wonderful service where we experienced testimonies from several of our church members. The following Sunday an issue arose and the whole church seemed to be in an uproar! I too found myself in the chaos. Satan will slip in where and whenever he can. Since we started this study my way of thinking is changing. I feel I'm more aware of what choices I make for God and what choices I've been making for me.

  3. I prayed the other day forma complete stranger to have an open heart, but I so often don't pray that for myself. Thank you for reminding me, Natasha.


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