Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Child of Mine Part 2

My sweet precious Carson.....

Sunday night in church, he was hog wild.  Evidently, Mrs. Leslie got the kids all hopped up on Mountain Dew or something (ha ha).  Not only did my child work Jacob over, Carson got in my face and announced, "I have to go pee," and it was NOT in his quiet voice.  Well, thanks to the Burklows behind us, I couldn't keep a straight face the rest of the night. 

When my darling came back from the restroom, it sounded like a herd of cattle coming down the aisle.  No, just my one little four year old.

Toward the end of the service, after much working over of all on our pew, Carson got in my face again and insisted that I smell his breath.  He was desperate to know exactly what it smelled like.  Again, he did not use his quiet voice.  Needless to say, to keep from beating him in church or laughing out loud, my sweet middle child was escorted by his father to the library. Here, said child escaped and proceeded to "do the dance." If you don't know the moves, watch Evan Almighty.  Again, as he made his way back to me, he made a nice little move down the aisle.  Not sure where he learned those moves and he wasn't very quiet either.

Oh, this child of mine!

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  1. Too funny!!!!! i promise I didn't give them MountainDew!


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