Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where We Are

Right now we are at "Hurry Up and Wait."


In the past year, Jeff has graduated CH-BOLC and seminary at Liberty University.  He has been ordained by our chuch and received his endorsement from the North American Missions Board.   Jeff was also elected to serve as associate pastor of our church. Even more so recently, he interviewed with a Lt. Colonel (I think that is right) at Ft. Knox. 

Now, we wait on the next Army Chaplain's board meeting.  They will make the ultimate decision on whether or not Jeff will be an Army Chaplain. 

I think he would make a wonderful Chaplain. Jeff genuinely cares about people, about making a difference, and most importantly, about serving our Lord. He has never been afraid to take a stand, to step out on a leap of faith (guess that's how we got here!).  He is an amazing man, and I would be oh, so proud to have him serve our country as a United States Army Chaplain. 

A while back, I started reading God Strong. Life got busy, and I put it away.  Today, however, I started over on chapter one.    I thought about the words I read and a recent conversation I had with a coworker about faith. 

I weep for those that don't share my faith.  Those that depend on their own strength.  I know that I am truly weak. If it were up to me to take the life I led before I knew Christ to where I am today, I could never do it.  When Jeff and I started out over 20 years ago (never thought those words would come from my mouth, must be getting old), we never imagined we would be here today, serving the One who gave it all for us, for you.  My strength comes from the Lord. I am who I am because of Him.  My faith in Him tells me that whatever the outcome of the Chaplain's board, He will guide us to the next step, whether it be serving here in our community together, or serving abroad, or being separated by a deployment. 

I am so excited about this journey, to see where the Lord may lead us.

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  1. Natasha, I don't know if you've read my blog lately, but I know how you feel! When is his Chaplain board? Will he find out right away or will it be a few weeks? Sending prayers your way about all of this. The Lord is in control and it looks like you realize that. Merry Christmas!


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