Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 22 - Fighting for First Place

It is so sad to say that Jesus has to fight for first place in our lives my life. I try to be more like Him, putting the will of God first, but sometimes things of this world get the best of me.

I don't want to be "off" for the kids at school. I want to give them my best.

I don't want to be "off" for my coworkers and friends. I want to give them my best.

I don't want to be "off" for my church. I want to give them my best.

I don't want to be "off" for my children. I want to give them my best.

I don't want to be "off" for my husband. I want to give him my best.

I don't want to be "off" for Jesus. I want to give Him my best.

Unfortunately, there are days when no one gets my best. 

For the most part, I have to say (for me anyway), the reason Jesus must fight for first place is because of the habits I have created.  I have NO schedule at home.  I think if I did, I would allow Him to have the best of me.  I know that is something I need to work on.

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  1. I feel the same way, Natasha. It can be very discouraging. I believe a lot of my struggles with this are due to my own habits I have created just like you mentioned. I liked how the Bible study today pointed out that Jesus struggled with this too, and I hadn't really thought about that....about how pulled in so many directions he people were constantly coming to him with their needs. I know he handled that kind of thing much better than I do. I liked her comment about how He kept on...He kept on doing what God called him to do no matter how many directions He felt pulled, no matter how many needs remained in each town, no matter what others prioritized for Him. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself exactly what it is that God is calling me to do at this time in my life.....which is all so much about family, raising kids, marriage and living life like Jesus would want me to......and then there's those times when I wonder if I really know completely what God is calling me to do. I guess it is a common struggle. Brother Copass reminded me in his last sermon that the talents/gifts God gives us and the things that God calls us to do are not to be used at MY convenience...It is to be my life work. So my prayer for myself and all of us is that we would be in tune to what God is calling us to do and that we wouldn't be distracted by all the things in this world that pull us in a thousand different directions all the time. Maybe the most inconvenient situations/people in our lives are the very ones God is calling us to participate in and minister to.


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