Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 78 - Sifting Wheat

Trials and suffering are all a part of life. We all go through things we would rather not. Things happen that we thought we would never experience. I think for a moment the times we say, "I will never...."

Never say never.

When a friend of mine and her husband were building their house, I asked if it was going to be brick or have siding. My friend said, "Brick. He said he would never live in a plastic house." guess what. They now live in a plastic house.

Another friend said she would never own a van. Now? She drives her 3 kids around in her minivan.

Never say never.

We should say "When I....."

From what I have learned, I can say, "Lord, when I....., will you please....."

When I.......

He will.....


I thank you Lord that when I, not if I, but when I fall, mess up, deny you, hurt you, whatever I am going to do that is not in your will, that you will still love me. You will help me. You will have mercy on me. I am so glad Lord that you know me better than Satan knows me.

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