Thursday, March 10, 2011

Days 59 & 60 - combining my thoughts

After reading the scripture for days 59 and 60, I find myself more than ever wanting to live according to His will.

Last night, my husband preached on Matthew 24, the return of Jesus. So, I am connecting with his sermon and our scripture for the last two days.

All of this brings to mind the song Lifesong, by Casting Crowns as well.

What am I getting at? We should live each moment of our lives awaiting the return of Jesus. But you say you are? Well, I think I could do a better job.  

What are my thoughts throughout the day? 

Do I find myself crabby much?

Do I gripe and complain?

Do I take part in things I shouldn't? Gossip? Gluttony? Greed? Lies?

Am I serving Him and honoring Him in all I do?

Whatever it is that I am doing, or thinking, or it something that I would totally not want Jesus to catch me doing upon His return? 

Would I fall to the ground in shame or would I raise my hands in awesome wonder?

I want to let MY lifesong sing so that if Jesus were to come while I'm still on this earth He would know that He is my life. That my heart is His. That I was truly waiting for Him.

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