Monday, October 03, 2011

Is it Healthy?

I published a post recently about wanting out of our neighborhood. 

I am still praying about it.

Our neighborhood has calmed down some. The last time the police were here it was due to a child custody issue, not anything illegal. But I still want out.  Away from people who live off their grandparents and don't work, who do drugs, who cuss their kids in the front yard when they do finally decide be a parent and try to keep them out of the road.

I still think about that other house.  I just drove back by it with the boys. Is that healthy?  The boys love it. I informed them two of them would have to share rooms. That didn't suit until I stated they would have full reign over the basement! 

The other day, I was imagining decorating that house for Christmas. Where my Christmas village would go. How our annual Griswald Family Christmas party would go over. The boys coming downstairs to see what's under the tree. Is that healthy?

We know we can't afford it right now.  That trading option sounds so nice though. It is fun to daydream.  Is that healthy?

So until my dreams become reality, I'll make wise financial choices. I'll cut back. I'll get rid of stuff I don't need. I'll keep praying.

Happy daydreaming, ya'll.


  1. You are perfectly normal to daydream! :) and I will pray that God will open doors soon! I do not have a husband and kids but I can relate about the neighborhood. I am living with my grandfather right now and he has never moved out of the neighborhood my mom grew up in and lets just say it has changed quite a bit since she grew up!

    Praying God can work quickly ;)


  2. When we first moved to Iowa from southern California, I did the same thing. There was the 'perfect' house for our family, and I could see it from the kitchen window of our rental. I knew just where I would place the furniture, where guests would stay, what kids would get which rooms, and even looked forward to rocking my nursing babe in the 4 season room as I watched the older children frolic in the perfect yard. I thought that the house was the very reason God led us to small town Iowa. Fast forward 5 years, and we bought the house down the street from the 'dream home' and now I don't even think twice about it. Not because the house we bought is bigger/better/dreamier, but because it was God's provision to serve an even greater purpose in our lives that we wouldn't have been able to attain had we bought what we thought was our dream house.
    I pray you will be led to a home where you are safe, and where your kids won't have to be constantly exposed to those not-so-great lifestyles. But, in the meantime, be the light in your neighborhood and know that God has something bigger & better in store, and you can trust Him completely. :)


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