Thursday, October 20, 2011

Praying for K

I have shared with you about my neighborhood and my unhappiness with everything going on.  Well, the week of fall break I had a yard sale and one of my neighbor's showed up.  As we made small talk, K began to let it all out.

I learned a lot.  

I learned that she has never known life without drugs and alcohol.  K doesn't have any coping skills other than getting her fix.  Recently, her biological dad OD'ed and died. She said, "I realized that could have been me. That is the path I am on. The next time it could be me." K has had to "voluntarily" give up her two beautiful children and go to rehab for 13 months.  The kids' dad is in prison. She said after her treatment she can't come back home. In "her crowd," there is no way out. She told me, "Addicts don't let you live it down. Eventually, you start using again." She apologized for all the things that have gone on and explained that she never meant for her life to get so out of control. Does anyone? Well, I  slipped a New Testament between the clothes she bought without her knowing and told her I would pray for her. Later, K came back and thanked me for "that book." I told her she was welcome and maybe it would help her. 

I hope K is sincere. For her sake. For her children's sake. Rehab won't do her any good unless she allows Jesus to walk with her.

I have learned that I need to pray more for my neighbors. I know I can't run when things aren't right, but through prayer, God can do something even though I can't. He can change a person's heart. Sometimes it might be our own! Don't get me wrong; I am certainly not saying what K has done is right, but I now understand why she is the way she is, and I need to pray for her. For her to straighten out her life. For her to know Jesus.

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