Wednesday, March 09, 2011

His treasure, your treasure - day 58

So you see, I am SO not perfect. I learned this a very long time ago. But was it easy to except? No. For a long time, I was a slave to low self esteem. There were times I felt worthless, unloved. Back in high school, there was a time that I become oversensitive to my looks. I basically quit eating much of anything and lost tons of weight. My doctor threatened to hospitalize me after I got the flu because I was in terrible shape. Fortunately, I saw what I was doing to myself and changed things. Yet, there were still times that I didn’t like myself.

When I met Jesus, He changed all of that. He showed me that I truly was “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Yes, there are still things that I may not particularly care for (my goofiness, clumsiness, my way with words (how I sometimes just don’t have the right words to say), and so many other things). But then I stop to think.


The fact that God created ME for a purpose is so awesome. He has a plan for me, such plans that I can’t comprehend. God loves me the way that I am, so I should love me for the way that I am.

All of my needs are met through HIM. He provides for me. When things seem to be going downhill and my faith seems so small, God lifts my head so that I can see that He is there with me and there is nothing to fear. I’ve learned that money and possessions don’t mean anything. What is in my heart is what is important…how I treat people, how I serve my Jesus. My treasures are not earthly and that is what makes me different from nonbelievers. I still have “stuff” but my real “stuff” is found in Him.

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