Friday, April 19, 2013

Wife to Wife Wednesdays: Change

Never in a million years did I expect to be a military wife. I always knew my husband would have liked to serve our country, but never thought it would lead anywhere. 

As a reserves family, the military hasn’t changed our lives that much.  I have been accustomed to my husband being away due to his civilian job. He has traveled many different places, as close as Atlanta and Chicago and as far away as LA and Japan. 

However, his service in the military has added new dangers to his travels.  I know anything can happen anywhere, but knowing what could happen due to his service is different. 

I’m not real sure that being a military wife has changed me, but I know serving the Lord has.  I know I could not live this life with my dedication to Him.  People say to me, “I don’t know how you do it.” My reply is, “I just do because of God.” 

I know I have had to become more independent.  Being in charge of “guy” things isn’t easy for me. Being a decision maker isn’t easy for me.  I was out of my comfort zone just having to select and purchase a new washing machine on my own.   I know some women have had to make major decisions like purchasing a vehicle  or home, or even something more important things like medical decisions. 

Whether or not we go active duty will definitely have an impact.  If we remain a reserve family, we will remain where we are.  However, if we go active duty, we will have to decide whether or not I would continue to work or stay at home with our children. Would they attend school or would I home school?  There are so many things about active duty that would change me. 

Are you a military wife? How has that changed you?  You can comment here or join in at Wives of Faith.

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