Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Big Day for the Big Boys

The fifth graders at our school hold a mini mall each year as part of their economics project.  In the beginning, Colin was so not in to it.  He didn't want to participate and then decided on a project that he expected me to do. Ummm. No.  I finally convinced him to make and sell popcorn. He was hesitant, but he did it.  We were up until 9 last night popping popcorn in our hot air poppers and bagging and salting it. Popcorn was everywhere.  He told me it was so much fun.  Well, he is quite the salesman because he sold all 37 bags of popcorn for 50 cents a bag.  I was so proud of him. He said the coolest part was selling out, that it felt great! 

Carson and his Tiger Scout group visited our local fire department. It is run by volunteers and the gentlemen there tonight were not on call to work, but gladly spent over an hour with us.  They taught the boys about fire safety, and the boys saw a firefighter suit up, heard personal stories from firefighters, got some treats, climbed inside firetrucks, and sprayed from a real fire hose!  Man I wish I were a kid!  Carson, and his mama, had so much fun. 

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