Friday, November 30, 2012


I remember being so excited about Christmas as a child. The anticipation. The laying in bed hearing noises and wondering if it was Santa I heard.

Now, I watch my own children. Trying my best to raise them in a godly home, I watch the wonder of the season in their eyes. How they touch the tree. Watching the lights.Flicking the ornaments.  The quietness. The stillness. The holiness of it all. 

We talk about the true meaing.

The birth of our Lord, our Savior.

Jesus Christ. 

The truth.

I wonder how many people really truly believe.

Not in Santa.

In Jesus.

The first gift.

The only gift that matters.

Oh, how I love Him.  How I want to please Him. 


Awesome, Holy. Wonderful.

Because of Him, I live. Because of Him, I have a hope and future.  Because of that gift of His life. Of His death. Of His Resurrection.

Thank you, God, for the wonder of the season.  Thank you, God. for your Son, Jesus Christ.

Five Minute Friday

If you would like to take part in the last Five Minute Friday of 2012, head on over the The Gypsy Mama's page.  You can find all the rules of the game and read some great post from some amazing people!


  1. Jesus is the greatest gift of all. Stopping by from the Five MInute Friday!

  2. Yes! He IS the gift, and I'm joining you in giving thanks...blessings to you!

  3. The most precious and priceless gift I ever had in my life is Jesus. Nothing can compare to what God had done, is doing and will do in and through my life and yours.

    Thanks for sharing!


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