Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Little Children

This morning, I made this to showcase my kindergarten Sunday school  class:

Later, I checked my daily scripture on my cell phone, and it was Matthew 19:14. 

Coincidence? I think not.

Jesus loves children. We read about that in scripture and sing about it as well.

Children are precious blessings.

As a mom, God has given me an amazing responsibility.  I want to raise my boys to be God fearing men. Christian men of honor who glorify their Father in all they do. 

My worst fear???

That I will mess up.

I fear that I will do something that will impact them to the point that they either turn from Him or resent me. 

It is hard.

Sometimes I am too hard on my kids. I forget how little they are. When you are with them everyday, you see the potential they have and want them to reach that potential. Then when the do something that goes against everything you've taught them, you just can't believe it.  I know, my kids are 9, 5 and almost 2, what could they possibly do?  Its the little things, disobedience, smart mouthing, laziness, just not caring about things or not taking pride in certain things. I know that as a parent, I have to pick my battles. Sometimes I realize that too late when an unnecessary battle slaps me in the face showing me I was the one who was at fault, not my kids. 

I want my kids to be proud of me, to say that they know I've done my best job. I want them to know that everything I did whether it was the right thing or a mistake, that I did it with love and only the best intentions. I want them to know that I pray for them and want them to be the men God has planned for them.

I think God was trying to remind me that I have to let my kids be little. I have to be more patient and understanding. I have to remember that I am a child too; His child.  I mess up and He loves me and punishes me.  He wants what is best for me. 

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