Thursday, December 20, 2012

You know, those things

Do you have a thing that brings your comfort?  Something that just makes you feel good? 

I have a thing for coffee cups. 

They bring me comfort. 

I can get up in the morning, open my cabinet and be drawn to a cup.  Freaky, I know.  I have favorites. My Relay for Life cups. My Navy Pier cup. My cup covered in gold stars. My Psalm 118:24 cup. My Space Camp cup (boy, did that one get this mama through a week of Space Camp last summer!).

Basically for whatever season we are having, there is a cup. For whatever mood I'm in, there is cup. For whatever I'm going through, there is a cup.

At least so I thought.

Recently, I opened my cabinet door and just stood there.  I didn't have a cup to match what I was feeling. I didn't have cup to match what I was going through. Choosing a coffee cup that morning was hard. And I cried.

To help me find what I was looking for, I ordered one with Carson's artwork from school (hopefully it will arrive one day) and one with Colin's artwork from school (Colin saw it and made me wrap it up so he could give it to me for Christmas). I had hoped those would help me out.  

I got about 5 new Christmas coffee cups from students yesterday.  But I also got this one from Angela who works in my classroom. It reminded me of something very important.

What I was searching for that morning wasn't a coffee cup. My joy doesn't come from a coffee cup. My joy comes from Jesus.  I was searching for Him.  Regardless of the weather, my mood, or my circumstances, Jesus never changes.  His love overflows from my cup. He has come so my joy may be full, no matter what coffee cup I am using.

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