Sunday, December 09, 2012

Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 9 - Traditions

Today's topic for the Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival is favorite Christmas traditions.

I love our annual "Griswald Family Christmas" party.  That is just the name I have given it because you never know who is going to show up and what will happen. When our family first started doing this, we gathered at Jeff's aunt's house. Then it moved to the home of another family member. It has ended up at our home.  The children draw names for a gift exchange, and the adults play Dirty Santa for their gift exchange.  There is nothing dirty about it other than you can steal some one's gift if you really like it.  The secret is to get something you like just in case there is nothing else you want.  We spend the evening eating, talking, eating, and playing. Oh, and eating.  It is lots of fun.  We usually do this a week or two before Christmas (the Saturday we get out of school for Christmas break).

On Christmas Eve, we go to Jeff's aunt's house.  We play Dirty Santa there too.  Afterwards, we go to Jeff's mom's house to open gifts.  We finally come back home and open gifts we've gotten for each other, and then it is off to bed so Santa can come. I love the time after we get the kids in bed. Jeff and I usually cuddle on the couch with the Christmas lights on and watch a Christmas movie. On Christmas morning, the kids open their gifts from Santa.  Last year, Carter didn't open his until 6PM because he decided he wasn't going to wake up for it.  He had no interest! We then spend time at my parents' house and then back to Jeff's parents' house. 

One thing we have started is our Advent Book.  It contains 25 mini books that are about Christmas.  The mini books double as ornaments.  The boys enjoy it. The learn a lot from the books (mama does too).

Do you have any favorite traditions?  You can read what some other military wives are saying at Wives of Faith.  If you are a military spouse, you are more than welcome to join in the fun!  Each day's topic comes with a great prize!

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  1. Your family Christmas party sounds like a blast and I love the name you have given it. We have done the 24 books for Christmas, too! This year we let that one slip because of our PCS. Don't you love snuggling with your sweetie by the glow of the Christmas lights? It's one of my favorite things. Happy Christmas to you:)


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