Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When Does It Become MY Will Instead of HIS?

Can I get real with you for a minute?

I love this blog.  I love coming here and sharing words. Words are a powerful thing.....there's songs written about them.  You can USE ALL CAPS and BOLD and italics. Those simple things can do so much to your words. Oh, and exclamation marks!!!! Whoa! They can really add some excitement.

I love coming here and sharing what's going on in my life with you.  Whether I am laughing, or struggling, or just being goofy.  This small space has provided me with some great opportunities.  I've met some great "online friends," women I've never met personally, but we definitely have a connection and keep in contact with each other.

But as much as I like this little space, I want more.  And I stop to ask myself, "Is that me talking or God?"

Jeff and I talked a lot about open doors. When you have several doors open and they all seem to be a God Thing, how do you pick?  Which one is the right one? They all serve God and can glorify Him, but you pick one.

I am like that with this blog.  When I logged on to Blogger that first time, I had made a deal with God. This space wasn't to be about me,but about Him.

But now, I want more.  More than ever, I have this desire to write.  To be published.  Somewhere other than here.

Thanks to Wives of Faith and Planting Roots, I have been able to publish blog posts with them.  I also found out that our local Christian radio station has a blog and wants listeners to post there. These opportunities want me to write even more.  I've been told by some people close to me that I should write a book.  My! I would love to do that! Can you say, "Dream come true?"

But then I stop and wonder....Is that what I am supposed to do?  Am I supposed to be a writer? A REAL author of something more than this blog? Everything inside of me says to go for it, but then something else pops up.

When I write and want to continue to write more and be published more, is it becoming more about me and less about God?  

I don't want that. I don't want to become greedy and self centered.  I just want to serve God through my writing.

I guess this thought comes to mind even more during this Spring Fever Giveaway I am hosting. Yes, it's for fun, but at the same time, I am promoting the blog.  I should be promoting Christ.  And I tell myself that I am.  The more followers and readers I have, the more there are to hear about Christ through me.

I think the main thing I need to keep in mind is to be prayerful about the opportunities there are for me.  I need to make sure these opportunities to use words and share life are God honoring.  That's my goal: to bring honor and glory to God.  If I fail to do that, then these words do not matter.

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  1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and direction. I believe that you are a gifted writer, and many people would and have gained strength and guidance thru reading your posts. I think you need to use the gift you have been given thru Christ to continue o enrich the lives of others. I wouldn't be in the place I am today without people like you helping....whether you realize it or not...


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